The Problem

Diabetes is a wide spread problem in India. Most patients can control diabetes through diet and medication. Some eventually need insulin injections. These injections need to be taken daily and are very expensive.


The Solution

You can save money if you buy insulin injections online. Simply go to and visit Netmeds or 1mg. You can save 20% and also receive attractive cashback. This saving will total a whopping Rs.50,000 every year.


What We Did

First we looked at the price of the insulin injects at offline stores. Then we compared 150 stores in 8 cities across India to find the lowest price. Second, we looked online for several brands of insulin injections. Then we compared their prices on different websites to find the lowest price for you.

Price Comparison of Insulin Injections

We looked at many brands and websites. To make things easy for you, we found the lowest priced insulin injection and the most popular one. Savings are higher for expensive injections. Take a look at how you can save money…


Basalog Insulin Glargine (100IU/ml 3ml) MRP at Rs.467

CityPharmacyPrice & Discount
BangaloreApollo PharmacyRs. 420 (10% Discount)
ChennaiThulasi PharmacyRs. 431 (7.5% Discount)
DelhiGuardian PharmacyRs. 420 (10% Discount)
GurgaonGuardian PharmacyRs. 420 (10% Discount)
HyderabadMor ChemistsRs. 420 (10% Discount)
KolkataDhanwantary MedicareRs. 431 (7.5% Discount)
MumbaiWellness Forever ChemistRs. 420 (10% Discount)
PuneMedplusRs. 420 (10% Discount)
  • Average offline price: Rs.420
  • Lowest online price: Rs321
  • Total saving if taken daily for a year: Rs.52,453

Remember: You will shop at Netmeds or 1mg, but by going through you can enjoy an additional 10% cashback.


Lantus Insulin Glargine (100IU/ml 3ml) MRP at Rs.925

CityPharmacyPrice & Discount
BangaloreWellness ForeverRs. 878 ( 5% Discount)
ChennaiApollo PharmacyRs. 878 ( 5% Discount)
Delhi98.4 Your Chemists For LifeRs. 855 ( 7.5% Discount)
Gurgaon98.4 DegreeRs. 855 ( 7.5% Discount)
HyderabadApollo PharmacyRs. 878 ( 5% Discount)
KolkataDhanwantary MedicareRs. 855 ( 7.5% Discount)
MumbaiGuardian PharmacyRs. 878 ( 5% Discount)
PunePulse ChemistsRs. 855 ( 7.5% Discount)
  • Average offline price: Rs.855
  • Lowest online price: Rs636
  • Total saving if taken daily for a year: Rs.1,03,896

Remember: You will shop at Netmeds or 1mg, but by going through you can enjoy an additional 10% cashback.

Our Verdict

Insulin injections are very expensive. They take a major chunk of income out of the family. Through simple steps patients can save more than Rs.50,000 every year. Online stores like Medlife, Netmeds or 1mg give you the same medicine for a lower price. We believe this is an attractive buy.

Other Best Sites to Buy Diabetes Medicine Online

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