As surprising as it is, some of the biggest stars in Bollywood come from a rather humble background. While it feels like they were made for stardom, each has had to tough it out for most part of their struggle. Some were denied roles one after the other and some stumbled upon acting by accident. Since they didn’t always have a rich daddy to pay their bills, it took them some time to be “discovered”.

Here is a list that might startle you, so tread with caution!

Aishwerya Rai Bachchan

The Paro to our Devdas, Aishwerya Rai Bachchaan wasn’t always the power package. She was an excellent student and dreamed of being an architect one day. That was ofcourse before she accidently participated in a pageant and went on to become Miss World.


Since then it has only been StarDust for Aishwerya!
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