While monsoon brings a much needed respite from the burning heat, it also brings extremely dry hair, flaky skin and washed out makeup. Now that the weather is changing from hot to humid, it is crucial to revamp your beauty routine accordingly. Here is a complete beauty guide which will help you breeze through the rains.

Skincare in Rainy Season

Monsoon is a horrid time for dry skinned beauties. Dry skin becomes flakier and itchy. To avoid a flaky mess, make sure you follow the CTM commandment diligently.

While Cleansing..

Opt for gentle cleansers that do not dry out your skin further. The last thing you need is a face wash that makes your face itch.

While Toning..

Stay miles away from alcohol based toners because they will dry your skin further and cause it to peel.

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While Moisturizing..

If you have dry skin, you probably live and breathe moisturizer, but ones with oily skin should not think they can forego this step. Slather on some water-based moisturizer which is easily blendable and marvellously light in texture.

Do Not Forget..

To Exfoliate! Exfoliation is so essential yet a lot of us skip this step. While the monsoon causes your skin to dry out and form a layer of dead skin, you need to exfoliate it away and let your face look bright. Make sure you don’t overdo it, though. Twice a week is just about enough.

Pamper Your Hair While It Pours

The humidity level is so high during this season, that your hair is bound to become a frizzy rebel. Before you give up on your tresses, do this –

  • Pick out Anti-frizz products when you shop for shampoos and conditioners for the season.
  • Go in for Deep-conditioning treatments to keep the frizz at bay and get a smooth texture.
  • Oil your hair religiously to avoid a dry, flaky scalp.

Style Tip – Letting your long locks flow freely is tempting but not practical while it rains. While styling your hair, stick to buns, ponytails and braids – basically styles which will keep your hair from sticking to your neck and making the pleasant rainfall an irksome affair.

And Now For The Makeup!

Now that it’s wet and humid outside, applying makeup becomes a little dicey. To keep your face from becoming a wet mess of smudged makeup, be mindful of these tips –

The Base

It’s safe to say that you’ll have to wave goodbye to the heavy base you’re used to. Monsoons call for light makeup – Unless you enjoy makeup mixed with rainwater running down your face. Opt for light makeup so that even if you get caught in a downpour, your face doesn’t look like it’s melting off.

Get your hands on an oil-free foundation that offers light to medium coverage. Look out for transfer-proof formulations which will keep the foundation from moving around.

If the humidity makes you loathe heavy foundation and you want to avoid it completely, your best bet and saviour is BB cream. It will not aggravate your skin if it’s oily and prone to acne, and will also provide near perfect coverage.

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A compact powder is pretty monsoon friendly. W
hile you’re desperately trying to save your skin and hair from the dampness in the air, this no-fuss, one-step makeup essential will start seeming like your best friend. You will definitely find one that suits your skin type and won’t have to spend more than 30 seconds on touch ups.

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The Eyeliner

It goes without saying that monsoon-proof eyeliner needs to be water-resistant. While women with normal to dry skin can get away with solely water resistant eyeliners, those with oily eyelids need to look out for the ‘smudge-proof’ label to avoid a panda eye situation.

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The Mascara

Again, you need to stick to water-proof variants to avoid looking like a raccoon stuck in the rain. If you want to dial down the drama and just stick to long, straight lashes, opt for transparent mascara.

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The Lip Routine

First off, forget about lip gloss. The rain won’t feel so pleasant if wet hair sticks to your lips while you’re commuting in the monsoon.

Instead, apply matte lipsticks which won’t make you feel uneasy when you get drenched.

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Another way to go is a multipurpose lip and cheek stain which makes your lips look luscious while warding off rain related blunders.

For The Final Setup!

When it’s raining outside and there’s party on your mind, you need an extra something to keep the makeup in place. This is where a setting spray comes into the picture. Just spray it on and you’ll be dancing in the rain without the slightest of worries!

With these tips, you can enjoy the downpour and still sparkle every day!

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