Tata Sky HD Upgrade: How To Upgrade To Tata Sky HD Plan

Looking to upgrade to TATA Sky HD?
India’s leading DTH service provider, TATA Sky has been able to gain immense popularity due to its customer-oriented services. Currently, Tata Sky has its services spread across 2 lakh towns with over 17 million connections in India. If you are looking to upgrade your existing TATA Sky connection to TATA Sky HD, here’s how you can do that.

Follow the steps given below in order to initiate TATA Sky HD upgradation.

How To Upgrade To TATA Sky HD Plan?

To upgrade Tata Sky HD, you would need a Tata Sky HD set top box. Call the Tata Sky customer care number and request to get an HD upgrade. Once the new set top box is set up, go onto Tata Sky website and buy a HD Tata Sky Pack.

Tata Sky HD Upgrade Detailed Steps:

How To Upgrade Tata Sky Set Top Box?

TATA Sky HD Upgrade Step 1

Call the TATA Sky Customer Care Team on any of these numbers-
1800 208 6633 (Toll free), 1860 208 6633, 1860 120 6633, 1860 500 6633.

TATA Sky HD Upgrade Step 2

You can then ask the customer care representative to upgrade your existing set top box to TATA Sky HD set top box.

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How To Upgrade Tata Sky HD Plan?

Once you have a HD Tata Sky set top box, you will need to change your Tata Sky Plan. Follow these steps to learn how you can change to an HD plan on Tata Sky:

  • Visit www.mytatasky.com
  • Enter your registered mobile number or subscriber ID to login
  • Select the ‘Manage Packs’ tab and type the password of your account
  • Click on any desired TATA Sky HD pack
  • Select ‘Add’ or ‘Change’ as per your preference
  • Select ‘Submit’ to save the changes

Alternatively, you can visit any of the TATA Sky retail outlets to upgrade your current TATA Sky pack or even add Tata Sky channels (HD) A-La-Carte.

TATA Sky HD Upgrade FAQs

Is it possible to upgrade my existing TATA Sky pack to TATA Sky HD pack?

Yes, you can follow the steps given above to upgrade to TATA Sky HD plan.

What is the Toll-free Number to connect with TATA Sky Customer Care?

You can dial 1800 208 6633 (Toll-free) to connect with the TATA Sky Customer Care Department without incurring any call charges.

Do I Need To Check My Balance Before Upgrading To Tata Sky HD?

Yes, it makes sense to do a Tata Sky account balance check before you upgrade your plan. It does not make sense to waste your existing balance when you upgrade to Tata Sky HD.

How can I access TATA Sky online?

Visit www.mytatasky.com to access the official website of TATA Sky.

Where Can I Find All The Tata Sky HD Packs?

Tata Sky website is a fantastic place to find this information. You can also read All Tata Sky HD Packages List to know this information.

Are there any other TATA Sky helpline numbers?

You can dial 1860 208 6633, 1860 120 6633, or 1860 500 6633 to get in touch with TATA Sky Customer Care Department.

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