Coronavirus has surely taken the world by storm. According to some popular websites, approximately 183 countries are affected by this global pandemic. While there are many advisories that are doing rounds on the internet and talking about the dos and do not’s during the outbreak, most of them are bogus and inaccurate. We’d recommend you follow the advisories only from trusted sources like WHO and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

With self-isolation being the need of the hour, many changes in the economic world have also been seen. While companies are taking every step to ensure the smooth functioning of their businesses, Work-From-Home culture is being promoted to make sure that their employees stay safe. In the middle of all this, there are still a few who’re struggling to break free from distractions at home during the period of quarantine and work peacefully, but… you know why! So, here are some awesome ways in which you can carry on working from home without feeling sluggish and lazy.

1. Follow Your Weekly Routine

Follow Your Weekly Routine

Following your regular routine will enable you to understand that even if you’re at home, you’re working. Wake up early, take a refreshing shower, get ready and begin your work as per your office schedule. Interact with people through a phone or video call to discuss the day’s tasks, drink coffee/tea and follow your weekday routine as you usually do.

2. Create A Work Desk At Home

Create A Work Desk At Home

To ensure maximum productivity, your body and mind need to know that you are at your workstation. Else, there won’t be any way in which you could escape lethargy. If you feel productive indoors, set up your work desk in an airy room. If not, you could even work outdoors near the greens. Ensure that you work at the same place throughout your Work-From-Home period. Working from your couch or bed would just add on to the lazy feels throughout the day.

3. Keep The Distractions Away But Take Breaks

Keep The Distractions Away But Take Breaks

Things like looking at your phones and scrolling through your social feed won’t take you anywhere during your Work-From-Home regime. Stay focused and clear about your day’s tasks and remove any kind of distractions. Set up 2 breaks throughout your day to help you relax. This is when you can scroll through your social accounts, watch TV, hog on your favourite snack or stop for a quick chat with your homies.

4. Don’t Get Frustrated Over Hustle At Home

Don’t Get Frustrated Over Hustle At Home

If you live with your family, understand that it’s you who’s working from home and not them. They stay at that place 24*7. Getting frustrated and annoyed over all the hustle at home would not help. Instead, now that you are at home, you can simply allow your family to enjoy your presence. Just ensure that the goals you set for the day are accomplished at the end.

5. If You Began On-Time, Leave On-Time

If You Began On Time, Leave On Time

Making time for yourself and your family is important. Set an alarm to indicate that your workday is about to end. You don’t necessarily have to stop at the same time but setting up an alarm will tell you that it’s time to set your foot back and rest.

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