Women and Tupperware have a strong connection, not just because Tupperware manufactures easy-to-use kitchen storage containers but also because Tupperware is one of the first platforms that helped women to start something on their own.


Today, Tupperware products are available at all prominent online retailers, but initially, the company accomplished its sales by following a man-to-man, err… hell NO, a woman-to-woman networking concept.

Before The Online Boom

Tupperware’s speciality lies in microwave-friendly bake-dishes, thermostable casseroles and airtight storage containers using a unique storage technique – informally called as the ‘burping seal’. Traditionally, their authorised ‘Sales Consultants’ would move between neighbourhoods and multi-storey residential societies to explain in detail about Tupperware products with price, their airtight sealing technology and advantages.

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Why ‘Direct Selling’?

Direct selling of products was aimed to protect the exclusiveness of their containers, particularly the heat-resistance and the 100% seal, which is their trademarked property. Other possible benefits include protection of customer base and providing the convenience of shopping at home.


A Taskforce of Women

Tupperware’s direct selling methodology struck the right chord with women ever since it was launched in India, way back in 1994. Hundreds of Indian housewives looking for a job that wouldn’t hamper their commitments towards home signed up as Sales Consultants for Tupperware. The opportunity to work at their own pace kept young women motivated while the products’ food prevention properties catapulted Tupperware’s business all over the country.


A Workplace Where Customers Became Colleagues

The best thing that helped Tupperware Women was the flexibility to operate professionally but without the pressures of the corporate world. The networks among women grew out of their instinctive friendliness with fellow customers cum colleagues and led to a new found confidence in them.


Making Engagements Non-Monotonous

Instead of just promoting its products through outdoor events, Tupperware focuses on customer and sales engagement in a more solemn and organic way. Tupperware distribution partners organise interesting ‘Tupperware Parties’ where product demos and try-it-now sessions lead to better reach and a broader network. It also breaks the inhibitions women have with facing the outer world.


Recognising Women for Their Struggles Wherever They Are

Tupperware’s brand perspective is so ingrained with values on women empowerment that highlighting young women achievers seems almost ingenious to its portfolio. But to consistently award women in every possible capacity to feel valued, Tupperware really is one of a kind. ‘Tupperware Women’ is a list of women who have impacted not just their own lives and their families but that of the society at large.


For your efforts to ‘Enlighten, Educate and Empower’ Women, Tupperware, you’re truly a mascot of the current times!

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