How You Can Earn Rs.1,00,000 For Free This Year ( CashKaro Referral Program)

You have probably heard people say money doesn’t grow on trees. Well, we have news for you! You can sow and grow your own digital money tree in 3 simple steps. Meet the ‘CashKaro Referral Program’ – your personal money tree. Before we go into details let’s talk about the basics.

What is CashKaro?

CashKaro is a website that basically pays you Cashback to shop online. You can shop at any of your favorite e-commerce retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong and etc. When you shop through CashKaro, you get discounts, coupons and earn CashKaro Cashback on top of it all. This Cashback can be transferred straight to your account or be redeemed as Flipkart or Amazon Gift Vouchers.

What Is a Referral Program?

CashKaro has the most rewarding referral program ever! You have a unique referral link that is assigned to your account. You can share this referral link with your friends, family and strangers (Why not right?). Anyone who uses this code to join and shop through CashKaro will earn Cashback.

The cherry on top: You will get 10% of all the Cashback earned through your referral, for life! Yes, you read that right. You earn 10% Cashback, every single time!

An Example Of CashKaro Referral

Say, you have 50 friends who like to shop online and would want to save money  when they shop. All you have to do is share your referral link with them and watch them earn money for you.

Here is the math:

  • One friend earns Rs.2,000 Cashback on average every month
  • Fifty friends earn Rs.1,00,000 Cashback in total on average every month
  • You earn 10%, which translates to Rs.10,000 every month for you
  • In one year you will earn Rs.1,20,000
  • As long as your friends shop, you will earn money

Why Refer?

While money is important it isn’t all you get! Here are other benefits of inviting friends to CashKaro:

  • It is easy to use
  • You earn money without spending anything
  • It’s a lifetime money making process
  • It can become a secondary source of income
  • Works on auto-pilot once you share links
  • You have access to a very large market
  • No risk involved
  • No liability of storing or delivering products

Who is it for?

  • College students living on a budget
  • School students with little or no pocket money
  • Freelance and part-time workers
  • Bloggers and social media influencers
  • Active social media users
  • Those looking to travel, invest or spend on leisure and etc.
  • People who want to shop for free!
  • Anyone who likes money

Step By Step Guide On How To Use CashKaro’s Referral Program:

Step 1: Register/ Sign In To CashKaro

  • Click On Sign In Step 1
  • Fill In Your Details (Existing User) | Sign Up (New User)

Step 1 b

Step 2: Find Your Referral Code

  • Click On Invite Now (On Home Screen)

step 2 a

  • Your Unique Referral Code Will Look Something Like This

step 2 (2)

Step 3: Share Your Referral Code

  • Copy Referral Code

step 2 (2)_LI

  • Send it or Share It Through Your Social Media Accounts

step 2_LI

Step 4: Watch Your Earnings Grow

  • Go To My Earning

step 4 a_LI

  • Check Your Referral Earnings!step 4 b
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