When the hunger hits and there’s no food left at home, we all turn to Swiggy, right? Swiggy has been the saving grace of most Indian household for about 5 years now. It’s easy to order from and the food is usually great. Chennai, home to a great many iconic food places doesn’t disappoint.

A Chennaite can turn to these trustworthy places when on the hunt for some good food. The following outlets have been in existence for quite a while and for generations have been serving the people with extraordinary food. Use CashKaro’s Swiggy coupons to get it for cheaper prices.

  1. Mylai Karpagambal Mess
  2. Kakada Ramprasad
  3. Copper Chimney
  4. Ratna Cafe (Since 1948)
  5. The Marina

Mylai Karpagambal Mess

Mylapore, known for its historic temples and infamous for the ‘Mylapore Maamis’ houses many legendary eateries. Karpagambal is one of the iconic ones. You can go here with mere Rs.200 and come out with a full stomach and a half. Order through Swiggy now with Swiggy promo codes.

Kakada Ramprasad

North Indian food never got better. With mouthwatering chaats and delicious main courses, Kakada delivers the best tasting dishes. But for the lazy souls who don’t want to go there, you have Swiggy coupon codes from CashKaro to get your meals from.

Copper Chimney

Copper Chimney consists of a posh menu which is served in a formal ambience. You wouldn’t go here wearing shorts, but with swiggy, you won’t have to! You can order it home with Swiggy coupons and eat posh with a stingy budget.

Ratna Cafe

This is probably the restaurant you’ve been waiting for, ever since I said Chennai. Ratna Cafe saw Chennai’s transition from Madras, but to our luck, didn’t transform with it. With a typical Tamil Nadu menu, the Idly Sambar at this place has worldwide renown. Swiggy it now with Swiggy offers and get great deals.

The Marina

When I say Chennai, the first thing you thought about was probably the Marina Beach. This restaurant celebrates the beach’s fame. With a full-on seafood menu, this place is a treasure trove for pescetarians. Order now with Swiggy promo code!

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