All Idea USSD Codes List: Check Balance, Validity, Recharge, Net Packs & More

USSD codes are the fastest way of finding details for a mobile number, it doesn’t require the internet or a mobile app to function. You will find all Idea USSD codes in our blog which will solve problems like checking your own mobile number, knowing plan details, validity, available data, balance check & more. Idea Cellular is a telecom giant in India which had merged with Vodafone Group and re-branded itself as Vi.

All Idea USSD Codes for Prepaid Users

Idea USSD CodesIdea USSD Codes Details
*199*1#Best Fit Offers
*199*2#Idea Balance Check Number & Usage Check Code
*199*2*1#Idea Balance Check Code (Main Balance & Secondary Balance
*199*2*2#Idea Net Balance Check Code
*199*2*2*1#Idea Total Data Balance Check Code
*199*2*2*2#Idea Daily Data Balance Check Code
*199*2*2*3#Start Data Notifications
*199*2*2*4#Stop Data Notifications
*199*2*3#Idea Last 3 Calls and SMS details Code
*199*2*4#Latest VAS deductions of last 3 days
*199*2*5#Latest Recharge details of last 3 days
*199*3#Manage Account
*199*3*1#Activate VAS
*199*3*2#Deactivate VAS
*199*3*3#Song Change
*199*3*4#Email ID Updation
*199*3*5#Chotta credit
*199*3*5*1#Buy Chotta credit
*199*3*5*2#Chotta credit history
*199*3*6#PUK Number
*199*4#Go Digital
*199*4*1#Download Vi App
*199*4*2#Download Vic on Whatsapp
*199*4*3#Download Caller Tune App
*199*4*4#Download Vi Movies & TV App
*199*5*1#Enter MRP
*199*5*2#Unlimited Packs
*199*5*3#Idea Combo Packs Check Code
*199*5*4#Data Packs
*199*5*5#International Roaming Packs
*199*6#Other Details
*199*6*1#Find a Vi Store
*199*6*2#Check 4G Status
*199*6*3#Quick help
*199#Idea Validity Check Number & Code

All Idea USSD Codes for Postpaid Users

Idea USSD CodesIdea USSD Codes Detail
*199*1#Best Fit Plan
*199*2#My Tariff, Usage & Packs
*199*2*1#My plan and Activate new plan
*199*2*1*1#My Plan
*199*2*1*2#Activate New Postpaid Plan
*199*2*2#Idea Net Balance Check Code
*199*2*2*1#Idea Total Data Check Code
*199*2*2*2#Idea Daily Data Usage Check Code
*199*2*2*3#Start Data Notifications
*199*2*2*4#Stop Data Notifications
*199*2*3#Activate Data Packs
*199*2*3*1#Activate Packs
*199*2*3*2#International Roaming Offers
*199*3#Billing & Payment details
*199*3*1#Billing details
*199*3*1*1#Unbilled Amnt
*199*3*1*3#Mini Statement
*199*3*2#Idea Last 3 Payments details Code
*199*3*3#Duplicate Bill over Email/Courier
*199*3*3*1#Duplicate bill via email
*199*3*3*2#Duplicate bill via courier
*199*3*4#Ebill Password
*199*3*5#Manage Ebill & Update Email ID
*199*3*5*1#Update Email ID
*199*3*5*2#Activate GoGreen (No Physical Bill)
*199*3*5*3#Activate Ebill – Physical + Bill on Email
*199*3*5*4#Deactivate GoGreen – No Physical bill
*199*3*5*5#Deactivate Ebill – Physical + Bill on Email
*199*4#Manage Account
*199*4*1#Activate VAS
*199*4*2#Deactivate VAS
*199*4*3#Song Change
*199*4*4#PUK Number
*199*5#5. GO Digital
*199*5*1#Download Vi App
*199*5*2#Download ViC on Whatsapp
*199*5*3#Download Caller Tune App
*199*5*4#Download Vi Movies & TV App
*199*6#Other Details
*199*6*1#Find a Vi Store
*199*6*2#Check 4G Status
*199*6*3#Quick help

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What are the various USSD Codes for Idea?

USSD Codes are the easiest way to get quick and important information regarding your SIM cards. If you ever wondered how to check your idea balance or check the latest idea offers, idea USSD codes 2021) can be of great help. You can also gain relevant information regarding your idea number like;

  • Idea Mobile Number Details
  • Idea Main Balance enquiry
  • Check Idea Validity
  • 2G/3G/4G Data Balance
  • Call Minutes Remaining
  • Exclusive Offers & more
  • Check Last Idea Recharge
  • Check Idea Talktime Balance
  • Check Minute Balance


How To Check Idea Balance? (Idea Balance Enquiry)

So, how to check balance in Idea? Well, to check your Idea balance, dial the Idea USSD Code (Idea Balance Check Number) Dial *199*2*1#.

How To Check Idea Offers For My Number?

To check Idea offers for own number dial *199*1#. You can also go to the Idea website or to a Idea number recharge wallet like Paytm, Mobikwik etc.

How To Check Validity in Idea?

To check your Idea Validity & calling balance dial *199#. You can also call the Idea customer care no. to check the validity of your Idea number.
To check Outgoing Validity in Idea simply check the last recharge date and when the plan expires. This will tell you for how long will our Idea outgoing be valid.

How To Check Idea Validity Date?

To check Idea validity date, check the the date of your last recharge and when it expires. This will tell you for how long will your Idea number plan will be valid. To check details for your last recharge dial the Idea USSD code – *121*4*1*5#

How To Check Idea Talktime Balance?

To check Idea talktime balance with Idea USSD code, dial *199*2*1# and see how much Idea calling balance is left with this USSD code.

Are Idea Balance Check Numbers. and recharge codes different?

Yes. You can use different USSD codes to know each detail. You can use Idea balance check no. to know the balance, whereas you can use Idea USSD codes to check the latest Idea offers.

Can I Recharge my Idea number from main balance?

Please call idea customer care for this information to know the latest idea policies regarding this matter. To do an Idea balance enquiry, refer to the tables shown above.

How Can I Check my Idea 4G Balance?

To check 4G Balance in Idea, simply use the Idea net balance check code *125#. This gives you the current Idea net balance. If you have a 4G pack activated, then this will reflect the Idea 4G balance that remains.

Are USSD Codes the same as Idea Balance Number?

Yes. You can use the USSD codes to check your idea balance conveniently. All your balance enquiries and queries can be addressed to the customer care centre if needed.

How To Check Idea SIM Validity?

The simplest way to check Idea SIM validity is to call the Idea customer care number. You can also make an outgoing call or try to get someone to call on your number. If the SIM is valid, the calls may go through. The Idea app is also another great way to check your Idea SIM validity.

How To Check Balance in Idea SIM?

Checking your balance in Idea SIM is extremely simple. Just dial the Idea USSD code  *199*2*1# and in no time you will be able to see your Idea Sim mobile number.

How To Check Last Recharge in Idea?

To check last recharge in Idea you can use the *121*4*1*5# Idea recharge check USSD code.

Are Idea offer check codes and USSD Codes same?

Yes. Use the Idea USSD codes to check Idea offers with ease.

How To Check Offers in Idea?

You can use the Idea App to know the latest offers. You can also use the Idea Offer check code *199*1#. You can also check popular recharge platforms like Paytm, FreeCharge & more.

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