If You Are From China, You Cannot Order Black Tea Anywhere In The World!


Throughout China, the tea consumed was fermented and had a distinct red colour. Later, the British and Dutch traders noticed that the leaves were actually darker than green tea, which was unfermented and consumed all throughout China. This is where the confusion began. And to this day, what is black tea to the West and other countries; it is called Red Tea in China. So, someone who grows up in China would never order Black Tea – they’d order “Red Tea”!

Here are some more facts about Black tea –

  • Black Tea is known to be one of the more oxidized varieties of tea. flavor
  • Black tea should usually be consumed without milk or sugar to witness its benefits.
  • It prevents took decay and formation of cavities.
  • They are rich in antioxidants and thus promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Black Tea has been popular in the east for almost 5000 years. But in the west, it’s only been 400 years.
  • Black tea accounts for 75% of the global tea consumption
  • Some say that black tea can help in removing warts
  • Tea is the national beverage of Iran and Afghanistan. Here, black tea is consumed as a warming beverage.
  • Black tea is the highest oxidized tea.
  • To harvest, a tea plant needs at least 50 inches of rain in a year
  • In 2011, Americans consumed around 3 billion gallons of tea. 85% of it was black tea.
  • Black tea is the most popular tea in USA, UK and Europe.

The best way to make your black tea is to first put the teabag in your cup, and then add hot water. Keep it for a few minutes and then take out the teabag. Now pour some milk and let your tea brew. And finally, enjoy!

Where To Buy Black Tea?

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