With Durga Puja and Dussehra already behind us, the festive season is full swing.19_101214010357-crop And now it’s time for Karvachauth. Married ladies around the country have already picked out their sarees, jewelry and makeup, all set to celebrate happy marriages and loving husbands.
But, if the thought of going without food and water throughout the day makes you a little skittish, we’re here to help. We give you a few tips to relax and make it through the day with the utmost of ease.

Fill Up and Follow Up

When it’s time for Sargi, make sure to fill up on proteins like paneer, pulses and milk. Avoid eating sweets as sugar will most definitely cause hunger pangs later in the day. When you’re done filling up, follow up with loads of fibre in the form of nuts and fruits. These are also high on the satiety level and make you feel fuller for longer.

Drink While You Can

Drink atleast 3-4 glasses of water before the sun comes up. Remember, this is the only hydration your body will be getting throughout the day. Quench your thirst with liberal amounts of water. Again, do not try to replace water with sugary drinks or even fruit juices. This will make you hungry well before the moon shows up.

Stay Calm, Stay Busy

Cannot keep your mind of food? Divert it over to something even better. Schedule a spa session for the evening just when the hunger pangs start to kick in. If you don’t want to step out into the sun, you can stock up on bath salts and essential oils and pamper yourself right at home. You could also keep yourself busy with a hobby that helps you stay calm like finishing that painting that’s been lingering or reading a book you’ve had your eye on for months.

Break The Fast With Water

After the customary first sip of water that your man will offer you, make sure you replenish your system with 2-3 glasses of water. Say no to a cup of tea at this time as your stomach acids are at their highest after the fast and tea will only worsen the acidity. You can also drink a glass of your favorite fruit juice.

Try Not To Hog

We understand you’re hungry and would like to gorge on all kinds of delicious dishes. But again, be mindful of the stomach acid build up that is underway. Binging on fried food or food that is too spicy, will increase your chances of a acidity related tummy ache, ruining the blissful, love-filled day you expected this to be. Down a bowl of salad or light home-cooked food and you will instantly feel energized without feeling bloated and gassy.

Go Easy On Yourself

If you’re fasting during pregnancy or are suffering from ailments like low blood pressure or blood sugar, it’s okay to bend the rules a bit. Throughout the day, keep snacking on fruits like watermelons and apples. You can even sneak in a bowl of yoghurt with cut up fruits in the evening. Listen to the signals your body gives you and try not to over-do it.

We at CashKaro.com wish you a wonderful Karvachauth and an absolutely amazing married life!

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