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Experiment with these easy and delicious breakfast options that will ensure you have a wholesome meal to kick start your day:

Banana and oats pancakes

Make your healthy pancake batter using 1 cup of oats flour, 2 smashed and preferably over ripe banans, 1 large egg. Voila! You’ll have delicious pancakes ready within minutes which you can serve hot, topped with maple syrup or honey with a side of fresh strawberries for a wholesome morning boost.

Breakfast Fritatas

Whisk two eggs until perfectly blended. Add in 1 spoon of full-fat dairy, seasoned veggies of your choice and sausages (optional) of your choice and top it with grated cheese and salt to taste. Bake them till the eggs seem puffed and opaque. That’s all there is to a satisfying and hearty morning breakfast.

Chicken Salad

This unconventional yet scrumptious breakfast option is quite simple to do. The dressing is prepared using mayonnaise, lemon juice and preserves till you get the perfect balance of sweet and acidity. Mix in chopped celery, bell pepper and olives to poached boneless chicken along with the dressing for a splendid salad.

Mayo Chicken Sandwich

Prepare the filling using ½ cup of cooked shredded chicken, 3 scoops of mayonnaise, 1/4th teaspoon mustard powder, chopped onions and herbs mixed in together. Assemble together with buttered bread and place it in a sandwich grill or toast it on a pan to make a delicious breakfast.

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