Improve Your Eyesight By Doing These Simple Things

With the increase in screen time, it has become utmost important to take necessary measures to make sure our eyes are well protected. But the question is how to do that?? Don’t worry as we have compiled a list of things that you can do to keep your eyes in the perfect condition without taking any medicines!

A Healthy Diet

Your health mostly depends upon the food on your table. So it’s better to have a balanced diet which has all the nutrients and minerals that your body needs, but for your eyesight, you must have green leafy vegetables, eggs, nuts, fishes, orange and other citrus fruits in your everyday diet.

Use Protective Eyewear

Just like helmets protect your head from any injury, similarly protective eyewear protects your eyes from the damage from the harmful light rays. If you are going out then wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays of the sun but if you work a lot on your computer screen then you can make the specific ones made at nominal prices using Lenskart coupons.

Frequent Breaks for your Eyes

Staring too long on your screens can cause various ailments like blurry vision, eyestrain, headache, dryness in your eyes, myopia, hypermetropia and many other. So it’s better to look away from the screen and give your eyes frequent breaks. 

Proper rest at night

You would be amazed how many problems a good night’s sleep can solve. Your body needs some rest after a tiring day, specially your eyes. So get a sound sleep for at least 6 hours and give your eyes the rest that it deserves.

Quit Smoking

Smoking makes you prone to cataracts and is also responsible for damaging your optic nerve as well as causing numerous cancerous diseases. So try to quit smoking as the more you try, the more likely you’re going to succeed.

You can be sure to have a healthy eyesight by inculcating the above habits into your daily routine and what’s more if all these tips have got you a little worried about your eye, you can get them checked at home as Lenskart offers you the opportunity to pay a nominal fee and get them checked without going to the hospital and waiting in long queues!

You can also try their 100+ frames and decide which one suits your face the most too without stepping out of the house! So hurry and switch to a better lifestyle and more affordable regular eye checkups at home using Lenskart coupons listed on CashKaro!

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