Meet Chandan Prasad Sahoo, the brain behind, a blog dedicated to providing technological information to users in Hindi language. With this online platform, Chandan has managed to create a niche by offering technical knowledge in simplified form. The huge number of visits that his blog manages to garner on a regular basis itself is a testimony to the large reader base that his blog enjoys. Get to know more about the blog in question through a tete-a -tete with Chandan Prasad Sahoo. Below are a few snippets from the interview.

What was the motivation behind starting this website?

Chandan: A few years back, we were invited to attend Google Search Sammelan (A program where Google invites bloggers to discuss blogging and their benefits for users). This event proved to be an eye opener for us wherein we got to know that only about 0.1% of content over the internet is available in Hindi language, whereas, in English it is around 40 to 50 %. This is a fact as since our college days whenever we used to search for technical information over internet in Hindi, we used to find very little information or no information. However, in India, a majority of people speak and understand this language. We decided to fill this gap and started, an online podium created to offer technical information in Hindi in simplified form.

What is your vision regarding your Hindimenet website?

Chandan Sahoo: Like I have said earlier that there is scarcity of information in Hindi language and that too specifically in Technology niche. So, our idea is to provide the users with the best information in the most simplified form, obviously in Hindi language, so that they will understand it easily. And, I can proudly say that we are very much happy with what we are doing. Also, our readers are happy with our online platform and this motivates us to work more in this field.

 What more categories on your website do you want to add in future?

Chandan: In the near future we are planning to add categories like Gadgets where we will include digital gadgets, home gadgets, personal gadgets and software. Our viewers will immensely benefit as they will not only get to know about these areas but also understand their usage along with the factors to look out for before buying these products.

Who is your target audience?

Chandan: Speaking about target audience, as we are providing more information pertaining to computers and mobiles, so presently the younger generation or college goers come in this targeted audience radar.

What kind digital trends do you foresee in 2020?

Chandan: By 2020 I presume that everything will be automated and portable. Concepts like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Thing) will not only be simply talked about but they will also be well executed. Also, everything and everybody will be smart enough to employ these concepts to their full potential.

How much value addition can a blog do for a brand?

Chandan: Yeah, a beautiful question indeed. A brand can be associated with quality products for sure. But to promote these products, bloggers need to be roped in. Bloggers can review these products and put forth these amidst a larger audience. Bloggers act as a bridge between brands and audience and nobody can deny that. To make products saleable, digital marketing comes handy. Today, we cannot ignore the importance of digital marketing. Brands today need to leverage digital marketing to showcase and sell their products. Bloggers, since they have the reach and online presence can be roped in by brands to promote their products in an effective manner.

Tell us something about your process?

Chandan: We work in a very simple way. We believe in research more than anything else. We did a basic hygiene check on the internet and developed in depth content pieces as per user requirements. Also, we regularly update our content for best user experience and seek valuable feedback in the form of comments from our users.

What makes Hindimenet one of the leading platforms it is today?

Chandan: In-depth articles and consistency is what makes one of the leading online platforms. We offer our users research-backed content which is updated from time to time. Moreover, consistency is our forte. Be it any field, in order to succeed you need to be consistent in your work, which once achieved, nothing can deviate you from achieving success.

Recently, Google conducted a competition among the Hindi bloggers pertaining the use of their new tool for Hindi blogger (Question Hub). And Hindime has secured the Gold User Award. Its quite an achievement for us as around 500+ bloggers were taking part in this competition.

The role of SEO in framing content for a blog?

Chandan: If content is the King then SEO is the Queen of blogging. If your blog posts are not seo friendly then, they will never rank on google. Research shows that generally people are interested in the first page of google search results. So, if your blog does not rank on the first page, then your blog content will not matter at all. In SEO realm, both on page and off page seo are equally important. Fortunately, most of the content of is already ranking well on Google and we are continuously working over that.

Share some insight on how to be a successful blogger in India?

Chandan: Google prefers more unique content and if you really want to be a successful blogger in India, then you need to create unique and in-depth content for your readers. Consistency is another hallmark of a successful blogger. However, a number of bloggers indulge in unethical practices to gain success. However, these black hat techniques are short lived. Hence, as a blogger you need to persevere and soon you will start reaping the fruits of your hard work. Lastly, I want to tell you that Hindi blogging is the future of blogging in India.

So, if you are looking for some useful ‘Jankari’ about technology, SEO and blogging in Hindi then visit to gain insights.

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