There is absolutely no dispute to the fact that ready to eat meals are quick and easy. Theyre the perfect saviour when you get home late and you have absolutely nothing in the fridge. You can just heat up a pack and your meal is good to go.

Here are some Non-Vegetarian Ready Meals available on Amazon Pantry

Porta Bites – Chicken Kheema Biryani, Butter Chicken Rice

These are fully cooked rice dishes that are freeze-dried. This locks in nutritional value and the taste of the food. Porta bites food is cooked with Bold Indian Taste and doesnt have the artificial quality most pre-packed food does. Buy it now using Amazon Pantry offers and receive cashback.

AL BARKAT Non-Veg Mutton Combo Pack

This set comes with three mutton dishes – Hyderabadi Biriyani, Mutton Haleem and Mutton Rogan Josh, all of which are heat and eat dishes. Once you have a bite, you wont go back as the taste is extremely authentic. There are much more products to try from this brand. Buy it now using Amazon Pantry coupons.

Just2Eat Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is one of Indias best creations. The tangy and sweet sauce with perfectly cooked chicken is just the perfect accompaniment to steamed rice or hot chapatis. If youve got any of these on hand, then just heat up this pack and get ready for the perfect meal. Use CashKaros Amazon Pantry promo codes to stock up on your butter chicken.

ITC Kitchens of India Combo Pack

This pack is the perfect meal in one. It comes with a Noormahal Biriyani and a Chicken Chettinad. Choose to eat the two together or save it for different meals. This product is 100% natural and contains no preservatives, meaning it is healthy for you. Dont think twice, buy it now using Amazon Pantry coupons.

The Taste Company Exotic Prawn Rice

Made with premium quality prawns, this dish is perfect for a quick and light meal. The flavours and meat will be fresh and are prepared using home-cooking methods. This box is free of harmful chemicals, meaning you can indulge without any inhibitions. Stock up on yours using Amazon Pantry promo codes and save on your order.

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