Injured? Here is what saffron can do for you

Injured? Here is what saffron can do for you

One of the world’s most expensive culinary ingredient isn’t just reserved for exotic dishes. It has some excellent benefits and one of them includes relieving pain and faster healing from burn wounds. Keep reading to know how!

  • Saffron is a well-known pain reliever. The compound safranal, which is present in saffron, acts as a sedative. It can provide relief from toothaches.
  • Saffron has antiseptic and sedative properties. This makes it excellent for teething babies as well as for people with erratic sleep.
  • Saffron can increase re-epithelialization in burn wounds which can help cure these wounds.

Now you know the amazing healing benefits of Saffron. The wonder spice can heal your burns and wounds and help you get a much-needed sleep as well!

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