Personal Hygiene is of the utmost importance for any person. Good hygiene indicates good health. Some easy ways to maintain your hygiene include bathing daily, using the proper body and hair washes and just overall neatness.

An important part of male hygiene that doesn’t get talked about very often is intimate care. As it is an extremely sensitive part of any person’s body, using the proper intimate wash that won’t disrupt the pH balance and maintain good bacteria is very important.

Here are some of the best intimate washes available on Flipkart for men:

Skin Elements Men’s Intimate Wash

With raving reviews, this Intimate Wash for men is loaded up with the best ingredients. It has Calendula and Aloe Vera which are perfect for soothing sore and inflamed skin. The tea tree oil present it in is perfect to get rid of bacteria and has anti-fungal properties as well. Get it now with Flipkart sale today offer.

GUYSOME Intimate Care Wash for Men

This wash can be used daily, meaning it won’t dry out your skin, but instead, keep it nourished. Gentle on the skin, it is enriched with Vitamin E and Sea Buckthorn extracts which are great at preventing itchiness. The Green Apple flavouring will keep your genitals smelling good throughout the day! Buy it now with Flipkart coupons.

Muuchstac Men’s Intimate Wash

Another intimate wash with tea tree oil, this particular was is suitable for all skin types. The musk scent will keep you smelling and feeling fresh the whole day. It also helps in maintaining the pH balance. Use CashKaro’s Flipkart offers to buy yours!

Spruce Shave Club Intimate Wash For Men

With tea tree oil and Neroli oil, this wash is great at keeping away the bacteria and fungus that tends to grow in warm places. Other natural ingredients like Rosemary, Sage and Calendula is perfect to maintain your overall hygiene. Use Flipkart sale today offer to buy yours.

Beardo Intimate Wash

Suitable for sensitive skin, this intimate wash is full of active ingredients like tea tree oil, Glycerin and Lactic Acid which helps is maintaining the pH. It is also great for preventing itchiness and odour. Buy yours with Flipkart offers from CashKaro.

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