And now, we get to it. All girls are taught that they should ALWAYS maintain proper hygiene. Especially in their nether regions (read as Vagina). Well, the people who taught us this aren’t wrong. It is, in fact, vital to make sure we maintain hygiene all through our bodies.

Our genitals have such sensitive skin, that just a fractional change in pH could lead to disastrous implications. Yeast infections and Urinary tract infections are so common in women.

The following intimate washes could be of great help:

SIRONA Natural pH balanced Intimate Wash

Made with 5 herbs – Rhodiola Rosea extracts, Oud oil, Tasmanian Pepper Fruit, coconut oil and olive oil extracts, this is a 100% natural product. These ingredients are perfect for balancing the pH and also helps in naturally restoring your skin’s acid mantle. Buy yours now using Flipkart sale today offer and get amazing cashback.

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

Free of parabens, this wash has natural ingredients that are great for your skin. Ingredients like Ficus Glomarata, Butea Frondosa, Sphatica and Aloe vera prevent infections and keep the complete area very clean and fresh and clean from bacteria. Get yours now with Flipkart coupons.

VWash Plus Expert Hygiene Intimate Wash 

The one we all know about, this Intimate Wash is enriched with Sea Buckthorn Oil, Tea Tree Oil which prevents the growth of bacteria and helps in restoring the proper acid-base balance. It is non-scented, meaning there’s no chance for irritation at all. Buy yours now with Flipkart Offers from CashKaro.

Himalaya Care Clean and Dry Cleansing for Women Intimate Wash

One of the only intimate washes that’s safe during pregnancy, Himalaya’s vagina cleanser is enriched with all the good stuff. With Tea Tree Oil and Pongamia oil, it helps in relieving itchiness and irritation while also has anti-fungal properties. Use Flipkart sale today offer to get yours now.

HERBAL VIBE Natural & Ayurvedic Intimate Wash

To the brim with natural ingredients, this vaginal wash is paraben-free and does not cause irritation. Some of the ingredients include – neem, turmeric, aloe vera and gulab. These are known to be extremely beneficial for the skin, and has been used from the days of our grannies. Get yours with Flipkart coupons and save!

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