Life has become unbelievably fast paced- we’re all in possession of technology that is capable of connecting us with loved ones, book cabs and order food at home and remain socially connected with the world from the comfort of our bed but we’ve conveniently forgotten the price we pay for this convenience. We might have upgraded our networks to 4G speeds, but our real world networking is surely decelerating. When’s the last time you sat down with friends and family and didn’t once check your phone? Those good ol’ days surely seem long forgotten in a world where our phones and the internet has become an addiction.

These photographs beautifully sum up the satires and ironies of life we’re all blissfully unaware of:


Facebook is quite a dilemma which one finds hard to unravel- is Facebook a time machine that helps us review old memories and walk down memory lane virtually? Or is it a time consuming monster we can’t seem to shake? Let’s take some time to ponder over it!


Remember the good ol’ days you curled up with a good book or actually educated yourself? Well you can say goodbye to those days as with the robotic rise of The Smartphone, Books are the fallen heroes in the battle of wits!


Social Media takes targeting people to a whole new level- we’re surrounded by narcissistic apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter which insist we virtually and digitally inform everyone what we’re up to rather than actually enjoy the moment and live in the real world!


When did restaurants become a place to order food and dine with loved ones? That’s insane!

They’re about taking photographs of food with and without flash to flaunt it on social media which is then followed by a barrage of selfies with the wine, the ambiance, the celebrity sitting next to us including the waiter- while the person we came with lies forgotten!


It’s funny- on the one hand we like to declare to the world “What we’re feeling” through our Facebook Status while on the other hand we wear masks with the people we interact with to keep our real feelings hidden.


The world would have a lot less arguments and wars if only we were content with what we had. However the sad reality is we always desire what we can’t have- if only the heart knew what it wants.


For a world which claims we’re born with free choice- religion sadly isn’t dealt with the same flexibility and free spirit.


Being brain washed is taken to the next level- well played Idiot Box, well played!


This surely brings up a question- did God create us in his image or is he a figment of our imagination to suit us?


Destroying Earth for so called advancement- are we moving towards a secure tomorrow or forging our own death certificates? It begs the question that humans are still a barbaric race.


Technology has put us in a deep slumber which has blinded us to the world we’re living in- is it too late to wake up or is this nightmare a bare faced reality giving us a wake up call? Guess only time can tell whether we’re the masters of technology or its slaves.

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  1. Very true.. liked it. When I am out of home its technology which hekps me to connect to family but obviously u will not feel good when you visit home after 6 months and ur brother is talking to u on whatsapp sittting in different room.


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