If your food is too spicy and garlicky, you can experience discomfort and heartburn. However, did you know that eating raw garlic can help you get rid of existing acidity? Garlic is one of the most used spices in the Indian kitchen and carries numerous health benefits. It is known to balance the good and bad bacteria in the digestive tract to soothe heartburn and acidity, while improving digestion. In fact, numerous studies including one published in the Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine have described the antimicrobial properties of garlic.  Here are benefits of raw garlic for acidity

Garlic benefits for acidity

Being a natural anti-bacterial remedy, garlic kills H.pylori bacteria which causes 90% of all heartburn cases. However, garlic is not one of the top recommended foods during heartburn. In fact, it is one of the foods that is best avoided as it can aggravate acidity. But, if taken in the form of medicine, it can help alleviate heartburn.

How To Take Garlic for Acidity

The symptoms of acidity include heartburn, stomach ache, and discomfort. All these can be reduced by consuming raw garlic cloves. Here is how to take garlic for acidity:

  • Buy garlic bulbs and ensure that they are fresh
  • Pull back the peel and separate the cloves from the bulbs
  • Chop the globe and let it rest for 10 minutes
  • Eat the garlic raw

Doing this during cases of heartburn and acidity can provide immediate benefit. In case you do not

like the raw taste of garlic, you can follow up with a cracker or cookie to mask the strong taste.

Expert Tips while Using Garlic for Acidity

  • Garlic can be a huge acidity trigger for some people. In case you experience severe heartburn and discomfort after consuming garlic in any form, try and avoid eating raw garlic.

In cases of heartburn and acidity persist over a long period of time, it is best to visit your healthcare practitioner for alternative remedies.

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