Is this benefit from saffron for real?

There are a lot benefits for humans that saffron offers. But some of them make it an absolute wonder spice that can change your life. Keep reading to know about these amazing health benefits of saffron!

  • Saffron has carotenoids which affect immunity directly. One study that was conducted found that sub-chronic use of 100mg saffron daily can have a temporary immunomodulatory activity, without any harmful effects. Its petal extract was successfully able to increase antibody response in lab rats.
  • Saffron has antioxidant properties. This helps to maintain healthy arteries and blood vessels. In addition, saffron also has anti-inflammatory properties. Riboflavin, a crucial vitamin for the heart finds a natural source in saffron. Also, saffron contains crocetin that can indirectly regulate blood cholesterol levels and also reduce the severity of atherosclerosis.

Apart from this, many studies and researches have shown the scope of saffron uses for treatment of diseases like Parkinson’s and even cancer. It truly is a wonder spice that you need to start consuming from today!

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