Air Pollution Masks

Each year the pollution levels in India are rising. Delhi is covered in a thick smog every year around Diwali. Air purifiers can protect you inside your homes. However, it is difficult to protect yourself when you are outside. One great solution is to invest in a good quality air pollution mask. Here is our list of seven best air purifier masks available in India.

7. Oxypure N99 Tested Washable Designer Pollution Mask

This face mask has proven its worth in various markets around the world. It is designed in the USA and manufactured in the UK. It is specifically designed to provide protection in heavy dust and smog areas.


  • Multiple layers of protection
  • Detachable valves for easy washing
  • Adjustable nose clip
  • Available in multiple designs and sizes
  • Filters 99 percent of particulate pollution particles

6. 3M Pollution N95 9504 INV Mask

3M is known for manufacturing some of the most affordable air pollution masks. While these 3m pollution masks are the best affordable masks available in India, they are definitely one of the cheapest.


  • Filters 95% of particulate pollution particles
  • Has a exhalation valve for cool flow of exhaled air
  • Nose clips and headbands for extra comfort
  • Foldable and easy to carry

5. VOGMASK Geometry N99 CV

Vogmask is popular for manufacturing premium quality pollution masks. They sell air masks in over 41 countries. . Vogmask aims to manufacture masks that look good and provide maximum protection.


  • Has fantastic designs
  • Reusable for 3-6 months
  • Filters 99% of particulate pollution particles
  • Has active carbon layers filters
  • Filters particles as small as 1 micrometer

4. Honeywell PM 2.5 Foldable Face Mask

Honeywell is renowned for its air purifiers. Just like its air purifiers, Honeywell manufactures great air masks. Their anti-pollution masks are of good quality and are also affordable.


  • Has 3 layers of protection
  • Filters 95% of the pollution particles
  • It is light weight and comfortable to wear

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3. Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge N99 Air Pollution Face Mask

This particular facemask is relatively expensive, but definitely worth the money. It provides protection against very small pollution particles. Their facemasks are also quite trendy and have interesting designs.


  • Looks good and is comfortable
  • 15 available designs
  • Filters 99% of the pollution particulates
  • Has multiple valves and carbon layers

2. Airclear Advanced Anti-Pollution Mask

This air mask is one of the most advanced, economical and well-designed air masks available in India. The advanced technology used in this mask not only provides effective protection but also increases your comfort.


  • Has 5 layers that filter 95% of pollution particles
  • Average life is about 6 months
  • Has activated carbon filters
  • Has valves for improved air flow

1. Dettol SiTi Shield Protect N95 Anti-Pollution Mask

Dettol SiTi Masks are a product of Dettol which is a household name in India. The research and development of this mask has been done in Singapore. Dettol masks are economical and have great quality.

  • Filters 99% of bacteria
  • Has three layers for filtering pollution particles
  • Smart valves that improve outflow of exhaled air
  • Made of ultra-soft fabric

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