Isabgol (Psyllium Husk) In Pregnancy: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects 8 FAQs & More

Isabgol popularly known as Psyllium Husk is the seed of the plant called Planovate. It has leaves that look similar to Aloe vera. It has a big flower like structure as wheat which contains psyllium seeds. It is known for its gentle laxative, cooling, diuretic properties and has a prominent space in Ayurveda.

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Health Benefits of Isabgol in Pregnancy

It Relieves Constipation

Isabgol is a great remedy for constipation as it is rich in both soluble and insoluble fibre. It expands in the stomach on consumption and helps to push its contents out of the body. Isabgol is important in treating constipation as it absorbs water from the digestive tract and improves the consistency of stools.

It Keeps Your Heart Healthy

The fibre present in Isabgol plays a vital role in reducing cholesterol levels, which in turn protect your heart. It is high in fibre and low in fat, which is why many doctors recommend consumption of Isabgol when it comes to preventing heart disease. Isabgol works by forming a thin layer along your intestinal walls. Moreover, it prevents the absorption of cholesterol from the foods you eat and reduces the serum cholesterol levels in your blood.

It Improves Digestion

Consumption of Isabgol promotes cleansing of the stomach contents but also enhances contraction of the stomach to help in movement of food through the intestine and bowel mobility.

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Uses of Isabgol

Isabgol consists of a number of benefits and can be used for a number of reasons to gain maximum benefits. Some of the best uses are described below:

Anti acidic

Isabgol is the best natural remedy to cure the condition. It helps in secretion of stomach acids and reduce the level of acidity.

Cures Piles

The soluble and insoluble fibres present in Isabgol immensely help those suffering from piles and fissures.

Controls Cholesterol

The fibre present in Isabgol also helps to monitor your cholesterol levels and in turn protect your heart. It forms a thin layer along the intestinal walls and reduces cholesterol levels in your blood.

How To Use Isabgol

Isabgol must be consumed in a quantity of 5 gm – 10 gm in a day with water or milk.  Doing this repeatedly for a few days will start showing amazing results.

Q. Can it be consumed before or after meals?

Isabgol must ideally be consumed after having your meals. Alternatively, it can also be consumed in morning on an empty stomach.

Q. Can it be taken on an empty stomach?

Yes, it can be consumed on an empty stomach. One must drink a lot of water after consuming Isabgol as it helps to facilitate bowel movement easily.

Drinking it early morning also helps to lose  weight.

Q. Can it be consumed with water?

Yes, it is the best way to consume Isabgol. It can also be consumed with milk.

Isabgol Dosage

Safe Dosage





Maximum 1 teaspoon in a day. For any higher dosage, seek Doctor’s consultation first

Sprinkle the flakes of Isabgol over the toddler’s favourite food


5 gms – 10 gms in a day

Early morning, before or after meals

It can be consumed with water or milk. One must drink a lot of water throughout the day to smoothen easy bowel movement.

Side Effects of Isabgol

Isabgol helps to ease off indigestion and constipation concerns during pregnancy. However, there are a few adverse effects of consuming Isabgol. Some of the most noted ones are discussed below:

1. Itching: Consuming higher dosage of Isabgol may not lead to itching in some cases. One must strictly adhere to the prescribed quantity of dosage.

2. Rhinitis: Drinking Isabgol can cause rhinitis which leads to inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose.

3. Anaphylaxis: This is a type of acute reaction in which the body becomes hypersensitive.

Harmful Interaction of Isabgol

Isabgol can interact with some medicines. Hence, it is advisable to consult your doctor if you have been taking some medicines before you start using Isabgol.

Precautions and Warnings of Isabgol

Q. Can it be consumed before driving?

Yes, it is safe to consume Isabgol before driving.

Q. Can Isabgol be consumed with alcohol?

No, it is not considered safe to consume Isabgol with alcohol. It may lead to side effects like itching, uneasiness, rhinitis or anaphylaxis.

Q. Can Isabgol be addictive?

No, Isabgol is not addictive. However, one must not be dependant on Isabgol to cure constipation and improve bowel movement.

Q. Can Isabgol make you drowsy?

No, Isabgol is a natural and herbal powder that does not make you drowsy. You must immediately report to doctor if you feel tired after consuming Isabgol.

Q. Can you overdose on Isabgol?

No, one must not increase the dosage level beyond recommended amounts. One must also refrain from self medicating and increasing the reliance on this medicine.

8 Important Questions Asked About Isabgol

What is it made of?

It is made up of 100% natural ingredients and is free from any type of additives.

What are Isabgol’s storage requirements?

Isabgol must be stored in a cool and dry place. It must be kept out of reach of the children.

How long do I need to use Isabgol till I see improvement in my condition?

Having Isabgol generally starts showing results within 12-24 hours of consumption.

How many times a day do I need to use Isabgol?

It must be consumed once in a day for it to work and demonstrate the best results.

Does it have any effect on breast feeding?

Isabgol acts as a laxative. It must not be consumed with other high fibre or sugary food  as it may lead to diarrhoea. Thus, a lactating mother must consult a doctor before starting any dosage of Isabgol.

Is it safe for kids?

Yes, if the doctor’s approval has been obtained for the same. One must not increase the amount of consumption beyond 1 teaspoon for kids with recommendation from doctor.

Does it have any effect on pregnancy?

Yes, it is used to solve a number of issues that arise during pregnancy like indigestion, constipation, keeping the heart healthy etc.

Does it contain sugar?

No, Isabgol does not contain sugar. It is a 100% natural remedy which is free from any type of additives.

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Research on Isabgol

Isabgol has been touted to have positive effects on human health, according to ‘Isabgol Husk: A Herbal Remedy for Human Health’. This pharmacy research was conducted in January 2009 and claims that the plant is a natural polymer which consists of polysaccharide chain (1>3) and (1>4) xylan system. It is also very useful for taking care of constipation and indigestion problems during pregnancy.

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