Earning money now possible when shopping online

I would have definitely bought it if there was a higher discount. When will the next big online sale come? I have so many things to strike off from my shopping list! Hey! Do you think this Cashback offer is genuine? How I wish someone paid me to shop online!

If you think your online shopping life revolves around such statements, you have landed at the exact right page!

Say hello to CashKaro.com, India’s top Coupons and Cashback website which is making plain discounts a passé and is nothing less than a magical destination for online shoppers. Thanks to their fabulous Cashback offers, you get to earn while you shop.

About CashKaro.com

CashKaro is India’s largest Cashback and coupons website. If you are wondering what’s so special about CashKaro which makes it different from the other coupon websites in India, here’s the deal: Unlike the other coupon sites, CashKaro not just offers exclusive discounts coupons but also Cashback to lower your bill. Doesn’t that make CashKaro the undisputed savings destination for online shoppers in India?

CashKaro was founded in 2013 by entrepreneur couple Rohan and Swati Bhargava. It has credited over Rs 25 crores Cashback to its users. Recently, Tata Sons Chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata made an investment in CashKaro just two months after CashKaro raised Rs 25 crores in Series A funding by Kalaari capital. CashKaro has tied up with over 1000+ retailer sites to become the one stop shopping destination for you.


The figures speak volumes!

Over 5 lakh Facebook page fans, more than 25 crores Cashback paid, tie up with over 1000 partner sites, 20,000+ free coupons and more! The numbers say it all about CashKaro’s success graph and their credibility!


Press coverage

Without a doubt, CashKaro is the most popular Cashback and coupons site in India!

press coverage

Partnership with over 1000 sites

This image shows only a handful of online retailers which CashKaro has partnered with. With numerous retailers listed with them, you can be assured of having an unbeatable online shopping experience.


How this concept works

When you shop via CashKaro, they are paid a commission from their retailers. They share a part of that commission with their users in the form of Cashback. How awesome is that!


How to avail coupons and Cashback

Join CashKaro for FREE using your Facebook account or mail id. Search for offers related to a particular product or service. Click on the offer link you like and you will be directed to the retailer’s website. Shop and make payment as you normally do. Your pending Cashback will get tracked within 72 hours and added to your CashKaro account. Once you have Rs.250 confirmed Cashback, you can get it transferred as real cash to your bank account. All this happens for free!


Don’t wait anymore!

It’s time to stop staring and take action by joining CashKaro.


Make CashKaro your exclusive shopping partner to get access to splendid deals and Cashback offers to get more for your money’s worth!

📢 Hungry for more deals? Visit CashKaro stores for best cashback deals & online products to save up to ₹15,000 per month. Download the app - Android & iOS to get free ₹25 bonus Cashback!


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