Jaiphal (Nutmeg): Benefits, Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, 14 FAQs & More

1What is Jaiphal?

Jaiphal (Nutmeg) is a popular spice which is used across the world as it imparts a unique flavor to the dishes. Jaiphal is obtained from the seeds of the Nutmeg tree called ‘Myristica Fragrans’. The spice is native to Indonesia and has a warm and spicy flavor to it. You can garnish it over coffee drinks, desserts and beverages. If you wish to add it in creamy and cheesy dishes, it blends well and gives a spicy twist to it.

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3Benefits of Jaiphal

Aids in Diabetes Treatment

Jaiphal is a rich source of Triterpenes which are compounds that possess anti-diabetic properties. You can mix Jaiphal in your savory dishes or add it in your drinks. It can be consumed during the day time in your lunch or your breakfast.

Relieves Arthritis Pain

Jaiphal has anti-inflammatory properties that helps fight chronic pains like arthritis and other joint pains. It also reduces inflammation in your body which causes arthritis pain more severe. You can add Jaiphal in your fruit cakes, honey cakes or fruit punch to give a unique flavor as well as health benefits.

Treats Insomnia

Jaiphal induces a calming effect that helps treat insomnia and makes you have a sound sleep. It was used a medicine in ancient times to de-stress and calm one’s mind. You can add a pinch of Jaiphal to a warm glass of milk before going to bed for best results.

Improves Digestion

Jaiphal has carminative effect on your stomach and help reduce flatulence. It releases digestive enzymes that aids in digestive and regulate your bowel movements. Jaiphal addresses issues like bloating, constipation, diarrhea, etc.

Improves Dental Health

Jaiphal is a powerhouse of anti-bacteria properties which helps maintain oral health. It treats dental issues like tooth decay, tooth pain and cavities. You can consume Jaiphal with honey for best results.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Jaiphal cleans the arteries and blood vessels that follows to our heart. It has dietary fibers that helps reduce the cholesterol levels. Jaiphal also removes various toxins out of your system imparting good health to your body.

Aids in Weight Loss

Jaiphal consists of dietary fiber that helps in weight loss. You can mix Jaiphal powder in a glass of milk before going to bed. It cleans your stomach and keeps your appetite healthy.

Treats Skin Disorders

Jaiphal has anti-inflammatory properties that prevents the growth of pimples and acne on your skin. You can mix Jaiphal in your moisturizer or face pack to have the best results. You can also consume it daily in small doses to purifies your blood.

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4Uses of Jaiphal


Jaiphal is rich in Triterpenes that have anti-diabetic properties. Regular consumption of Jaiphal can help manage diabetes well.


Jaiphal is great to relieve inflammation or swelling. Consumption of Jaiphal has proven to relieve pains and cramps.


It adds a calming effect to the human body and serves as an anti-depressant. It also helps to treat insomnia and de-stress one’s mind.


Jaiphal is one of the most useful Ayurvedic products which helps to fight infections. It helps to clear throat pain and asthma along with improving immunity.

Other Uses of Jaiphal
  • Clears cough, throat pain and asthma
  • Treats urinary tract infections
  • Acts as a cardiac tonic
  • Acts as an appetizer
  • Relieves nausea and vomiting
  • Improves skin tone and complexion
  • Boosts immunity and resistance power
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5How To Use Jaiphal?

Can Jaiphal be consumed before or after meals?

Jaiphal can be consumed with milk before going to bed.

Can Jaiphal be taken on an empty stomach?

You must consult a doctor before consuming Jaiphal on an empty stomach.

Can Jaiphal be consumed with water?

Jaiphal is generally consumed with milk. So, you must not consume it with water.

6Jaiphal Safe Dosage

Adults 250-500 g once a day
Babies & Children 0.5 mg twice a day

7Jaiphal Nutritional Value

Nutrients Amount Per Serving(100g) %Daily Value
Total Fat 6.2g 9.53%
Trans Fat 0g 0%
Saturated Fat 0g Nil
Cholestrol 0mg 0%
Sodium 14.0mg 0.58%
Total Carbohydrates 31.6g 10.50%
Dietary Fibre 30.2g 120.80%
Sugar 0g Nil
Protein 15.9g 31.80%
Vitamin A Nil 6.90%
Vitamin C Nil 83%
Iron Nil 16%
Calcium Nil 12%

8How To Consume Jaiphal

  • Add Jaiphal powder in a glass of milk before going to bed
  • You can mix this spice while cooking vegetables
  • You can add this into your other spices to give another twist to your spices
  • Have Jaiphal with warm water in the morning to regulate your bowel movement

9Side Effects and Precautions

Jaiphal is 100% pure and natural spice that do not possess any side effects. However, over-consumption can cause diarrhea, constipation and other stomach related issues.

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10Important Questions About Jaiphal Answered

Is Jaiphal addictive?

Jaiphal has certain properties which cause illusions and confusion, making it a little addictive in certain cases.

Can Jaiphal be consumed on a daily basis?

No, Jaiphal should not be consumed on a daily basis.

Is Jaiphal a good antioxidant?

Yes, Jaiphal is a great antioxidant which improves skin tone and provides a radiant skin.

Can I use Jaiphal and Chironji for acne?

Jaiphal and Chironji are Ayurvedic herbs that offer numerous skin benefits to the users. They have anti-inflammatory properties that fight acne and pimples. They are rich in vitamins and minerals that help to maintain the health of the skin.

What are Jaiphal’s storage requirements?

Store Jaiphal in a dry place. You can also store it with your other kitchen spices.

How long do I need to use Jaiphal till I see improvement in my condition?

Consult a qualified healthcare practitioner before you start consuming Jaiphal for any particular ailment.

How many times a day do I need to use Jaiphal?

The safe dosage of Jaiphal for kids and adults is mentioned above. Hence, you must not consume over and above the given amount.

Does Jaiphal has any effect on breastfeeding?

It is safe to consume Jaiphal by breastfeeding women.

Is Jaiphal safe for kids?

Jaiphal is safe for kids. It helps to build immunity in children while keeping them away from bacterial infections.

Does Jaiphal have any effect on pregnancy?

No, Jaiphal does not have any effect on pregnancy. However, you must consult a health care practitioner before consuming the same during pregnancy.

Can I use Jaiphal for acne?

Yes, Jaiphal has anti-inflammatory properties that help to cure acne and other skin disorders.

Is Jaiphal good for skin?

Yes, Jaiphal is really good for skin as it helps to remove excess oils from the skin, making it glow. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the outbreak of acne.

How much Nutmeg can you take for sleeping?

You can consume a pinch of nutmeg with milk before sleeping.

Is nutmeg a sedative?

According to Ayurveda, Nutmeg/Jaiphal is the best natural sedative which has calming effects on human body.

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