Jamun During Pregnancy: Is it safe, Benefits, Ways to Use & Expert Tips

Jamun comes from large evergreen Asian trees of the myrtle family that yields edible dark colored berries.  Jamun is also known as ‘Black Plum’ and has a plethora of medicinal and health benefits. It treats digestive disorders, enhances your immune system, treats spleen enlargement and much more diseases. It is also used to make wine and vinegar as it is rich in Vitamin A and C.

Benefits of Jamun during Pregnancy

Acts an Anti-Oxidant

Jamun contains several anti-oxidative agents that prevent you from catching infections and common diseases like cold, viral, etc. A pregnant woman needs to keep herself safe from common infections as it might harm the health of the foetus. You can consume 30 gms of Jamun twice in a day before your meals for your healthy well-being.

Regulates blood sugar levels

Jamun has anti-diabetic properties and it helps control blood sugar levels in your body. You can consume 30 gms of Jamun twice a day if you suffer from diabetes. Jamun works a medicine for a pregnant woman who has diabetes. It saves the foetus from several side effects caused by different oral medicine taken by a pregnant woman.

Improves Mood

Jamun has certain enzymes which help the brain release happy hormones and stabilizes the mood. It is high in potassium and anti-oxidants that flushes out the negative moods from your body and helps you feel a gush of energy. If you feel tired, cranky of fatigued, just take a bite of Jamun to improve your mood and make you feel refreshed.

Boosts Immune System

Jamun is known to increase immunity as it has anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to flush out toxins from your body and provides a protective membrane that prevents you from catching infections. Boosted immunity protects a foetus from catching any infections and promotes a healthy well-being.  

Prevents Premature Delivery

Jamuns have high magnesium content that ensures a healthy growth of a baby in your womb and prevents premature deliveries. You can consume a handful of Jamun daily an hour before your meals to help in healthy digestion. It also prevents the chances of constipation.

Develops the Foetus’s Vision

Jamun contains Vitamin A that helps promote proper eyesight of babies in a mother’s womb. If you consume Jamun daily, it will help improve your vision and also make sure that your baby does not have any eyesight issues since birth.

Strengthens Bones

Jamun is rich in iron, calcium, vitamin C and potassium among other minerals which keeps your bones healthy and boosts immunity as well. These nutrients ensure the health and development of your baby too.

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Is it safe for Pregnant Woman?

Consumption of Jamun in a certain quantity is healthy for your baby to grow in your womb and also helps you prevent anemia and other common infections.

Ways To Use

  • Drink Jamun Juice before your lunch or dinner to promote healthy digestion and prevent constipation
  • Eat them raw as an evening snack to satisfy your hunger pangs
  • Sprinkle them in your smoothie to give a tangy flavor to it

Expert Tips

  • Do not drink milk immediately after the consumption of Jamun
  • Do not eat Jamun on an empty stomach
  • If you have kidney stones, avoid consuming Jamun

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