Jasmine tea is scented with the aroma of jasmine. A study by Kyoto University concluded that the fresh scent of Jasmine tea helps calm students. It helps in relieving stress and lifts their moods.

Instead of relying on Black coffee, switch to Jasmine tea. It does not give you coffee jitters and leaves you with a relaxed mind which can concentrate better.

Check out some other fun facts about Jasmine Tea:

  • It is made by using green, white or black tea as a base and has its own set of benefits
  • It facilitates weigh loss. It can help provide a fresh and gentle start to your day
  • Jasmine tea also helps to improve your cardiovascular health
  • Jasmine Pearl is one of the most flavourful of all jasmine teas
  • Jasmine tea is the most popular scented tea in China
  • It also helps induce a good night’s sleep
  • Jasmine tea is to Chinese what Masala Chai is to Indians. It is offered as a welcome gesture to guests
  • Jasmine tea contains antioxidants which protects the membranes of red blood cells
  • Some people think Jasmine tea is a herbal tea while it’s actually a scented tea
  • Unlike herbal teas, it does contain a certain amount of caffeine
  • Ladies, jasmine tea can help you relax during Premenstrual Syndrome
  • It can be very beneficial to treat sore throat, inflamed eyes and skin and mouth ulcers

The sweet aroma of Jasmine infused with the benefits of tea, makes for your ideal beverage.

Where To Buy Jasmine Tea?

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