Jio Phone 2 Available For Purchase From August 15

The second generation of Jio Phone from Reliance Jio will be sold in the Indian market from August 15th. MyJio app and will be the platforms selling the device. The Jio Phone 2 has a theme and design which is different from its predecessor. However, the internals would be similar to the earlier version of the device. Reliance Jio is expecting that this new handset would beat the sales record set by Jio Phone 1.

In order to buy Jio Phone 2, open the MyJio App or visit Lookout for device registrations, once they open. Tap on the ‘Get Now’ option. Enter your details, your shipping address and other requisite details. Pay Rs 2,999 via netbanking or by using debit/ credit cards. After the payment transaction is successful, the device will be sent to your shipping address as per a standard delivery procedure.


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