Jiofi 3 Wifi Router Review: Jiofi 3 Price, Plans, Features, Specifications & More

JioFi 3 is the third version of JioFi portable broadband devices powered by LYF. This portable hotspot device marketed by Reliance Digital a subsidiary of Reliance Retail, JioFi provides multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices to access Jio’s 4G high-speed internet. Here we will review JioFi 3 in the following categories: JioFi 3 price, JioFi 3 features, JioFi 3 specifications, and JioFi 3 plans.

JioFi 3 Review: CashKaro’s Jio Wi-Fi Review

JioFi 3 DetailsJioFi 3 Rating
Jiofi 3 Speed150 Mbps (4/5)
Jiofi 3 Battery2600mAh (4/5)
Jiofi 3 CompatibilityCompatible up to 10 devices and a USB at a time (5/5)
Jiofi 3 DesignMatte finish body, larger than JioFi 2 (5/5)
Jiofi 3 Value For MoneyYes (4/5)
Jiofi 3 ConnectivityWi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n module (4/5)

JioFi 3 Review: Specifications of Jio Wi-Fi

Item Weight1.78 kg
Operating SystemWindows
ConnectivityCan connect up to 31 Wi-Fi enabled devices
Micro USB PortYes
SIM Card InterfaceNano
SD Card InterfaceMicro
SIM Card SupportNew and Old Jio SIMS
Batteries IncludedNo
Batteries RequiredNo
Battery Cell CompositionLithium Ion
Connector TypeUSB
Auto FocusNo
Programmable ButtonsNo

Other JioFi 3 specifications are:

  • Freebie dimensional features
  • sleek and lightweight
  • Can connect up to 10 wi-fi enabled devices on the go

JioFi 3 Review: What’s in the box?

In addition to various JioFi 3 specifications, the package of JioFi 3 features

  • 1n Router
  • 1 USB Adaptor
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 1 QSG

JioFi 3 Features: Why Should You Buy The Jio Wi-Fi?

An ideal buy, JioFi 3 features a sleek body, has a good network capacity, good battery life, is handy and pocket-friendly along with being stylish as well. This is a device that can use a Jio 4G SIM card even on a 2G/3G mobile with the help of Jio4G Voice Application.

JioFi 3 Review: Speed

To check the speed of JioFi 3, visit JioFi Speed Test: How To Check Jio Hotspot Device Speed.

JioFi 3 Review: How Good Is the JioFi 3 Battery?

While the battery charging time is almost the same as that of JioFi 2, JioFi 3’s battery is 300mAh more than the previous model which had 2300mAh battery. The new device also promises up to 5 hours of usage and up to 260 hours of standby.

JioFi 3 Review: How Compatible is the JioFi 3?

JioFi 3 is compatible with all the devices and can connect up to 31 devices. The recommended limit of devices, however, is up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices at a time.

JioFi 3 Review: Hardware & Design

Larger than JioFi 2, the all-new JioFi 3 specifications and features include a matte finish body. Available with an OLED display that shows the battery level, Wi-Fi Status, and mobile data signal strength, JioFi 3 also supports a USB tethering option and contains a microSD card slot as well as a lithium ion battery.

JioFi 3 Review: How Much Value For Money Does JioFi 3 Have?

Jiofi 3 is available in so many features while the JioFi 3 price is less than 2500 bucks. Thus, it can be termed as a budget-buy as compared to the other portable hotspot devices available in the market.

JioFi 3 Review: How good is the JioFi 3 Connectivity?

JioFi 3 can connect to up to 31 devices and 10 devices on the go. To get the maximum speed of internet, place JioFi 3 in approx. 10 m radius from your device.

Jiofi 3 Review: Pros & Cons


  • Good connectivity,
  • Great speed
  • Easily connects with all devices
  • Easy to configure


  • Difficult to carry in your pocket along with mobiles
  • Heats easily
  • Frequent charging required
  • Connection discontinues at sometimes

Jiofi 3 Review: Verdict

Overall JioFi 3 is a good product to buy. With its amazing battery backup and budget-friendly pricing, JioFi 3 proves to be in line with all our portable hotspot concerns. Right from its portability to the internet speed and connectivity with wi-fi enabled devices, JioFi 3 seems to be a perfect match for a person who is looking for a budget-friendly portable broadband device.

Jiofi 3 Plans

Prepaid Plans
JioFi3 Plan NameJioFi 3 Plan SpeedJioFi Plan DataJioFi 3 Plan Price
New Jio Device150 Mbps4G data for 1 yearFree
₹ 149150 mbps4.2 GB for 28 days₹ 149
₹ 309150 mbps49 GB for 49 days₹ 309
₹ 399150 mbps70 GB for 70 days₹ 399
₹ 459150 mbps84 GB for 84 days₹ 459
₹ 499150 mbps91 GB for 91 days₹ 499
Post-paid Plans
JioFi3 Plan NameJioFi 3 Plan SpeedJioFi Plan DataJioFi 3 Plan Price
₹ 309150 Mbps30 GB per month₹ 309
₹ 409150 Mbps20 GB per month₹ 409
₹ 509150 Mbps60 GB per month₹ 509
₹ 799150 Mbps20 GB per month₹ 799

JioFi 3 Price: ₹ 1999

You can get Jiofi 3 for just Rs. 1999

JioFi 3 – FAQs

Can I still buy JioFi 3?

Yes, you can buy JioFi 3 anytime online or at Jio Stores.

Is JioFi 3 Price less than JioFi 2?

No, JioFi 3 price (₹ 1999) is higher than JioFi 2 (₹ 999).

Is JioFi 3 Price less than JioFi 4?

Yes, JioFi 3 price (₹1999) is less than JioFi 4 (₹2499).

Are JioFi 3 specifications better than that of JioFi 2 specifications?

Yes, JioFi 3 specifications are better than JioFi 2 specifications in terms of battery, compatibility, connectivity, and many more terms.

Are JioFi 3 specifications better than that of JioFi 4 specifications?

Some of JioFi 3 specifications are similar to that of JioFi 4, but in terms of connectivity and compatibility, JioFi 4 specifications are better than JioFi 3 specifications.

Should I Buy Jiofi 3?

JioFi 3 features are excellent. Hence, you should surely buy JioFi 3 if you’re looking for a pocket-friendly broadband device with great connectivity and amazing speed.

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