JioFi 4 WiFi Router Review: JioFi 4 Price, Plans, Features, Specifications & More

The fourth and improved version of Reliance Jio’s JioFi Wi-Fi Router, JioFi 4 is quite different from the other devices available in this range. Brought into markets by Reliance Digital, a subdivision of Reliance Retail, this device is a portable broadband device that allows you to access the internet anywhere and everywhere. Here we will discuss a comprehensive JioFi 4 review covering the JioFi 4 features, JioFi 4 specification, JioFi 4 plans, and JioFi 4 price, along with the other models of JioFi available in the market.

JioFi 4 Review: CashKaro’s Jio Wi-Fi Review

JioFi 4 DetailsJioFi 4 Rating
JioFi 4 Speed150 Mbps (4/5)
JioFi 4 Battery2600 mAh built in (4/5)
JioFi 4 CompatibilityCompatible with 2G, 3G and 4G phones (5/5)
JioFi 4 DesignMatte finish with a body bigger than the previous models (5/5)
JioFi 4 Value for MoneyYes (3.5/5)
JioFi 4 ConnectivityWi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n module (4/5)

JioFi 4 Review: Specifications of Jio Wi-Fi

DisplayOLED display
ConnectivityWAN: LTE (2300/1800/850MHz), IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4G only
USB TetheringYes
Battery Backup6 – 7 hours
Micro SD Card SlotYes
Power SupplyAC: 100-240V; DC: 5V&1A
Dimensions85 mm X 55 mm X 16 mm
SIM SlotNano
StandardWAN: LTE (2300/1800/850MHz)
Device Connectivity32 devices (10 device connections recommended)

JioFi 4 Review: What’s in the box?

Along with the above JioFi 4 features and specifications, the product also comes with an in-built antenna and is boxed with:

  • 1 Jio Wi-Fi Router
  • 1 charger
  • 1 USB Cable

JioFi 4 Features: Why Should You Buy the Jio Wi-Fi?

Available in a round-edged matte finish body, JioFi 4 features an internal antenna and an LED indicator. A 2.4GHz single band frequency device, JioFi 4 offers a speed of up to 150 Mbps of speed and 64 Mbps speed after the exhaustion of the full limit. Other than this, JioFi 4 also offers you an excellent upload speed of 50 Mbps and supports HD video calls. The battery backup of this device is also quite good and can last up to 6 – 8 hours after full charge.

Jiofi 4 Review: Speed

JioFi 4 has a download speed of up to 150 Mbps that drops down to 64 Mbps once the data limit gets exhausted. While the upload speed is quite good at 50 Mbps as compared to the other portable hotspot devices and JioFi variants, JioFi 4 passes all the criterion and concerns related to the internet speed. To check your JioFi 4’s speed, see JioFi Speed Test: How To Check Jio Hotspot Device Speed

Jiofi 4 Review: How Good Is the JioFi 4 Battery?

The battery charging time of JioFi 4 is the same as that of JioFi 2, JioFi 4 battery capacity is 2600mAh. The new device also promises up to 6 – 8 hours of usage that goes up to 260 hours on standby mode.

Jiofi 4 Review: How Compatible is the JioFi 4?

JioFi 4 is compatible with all the wi-fi enabled devices, 2G or 3G and can connect up to 32 devices. Though the recommended limit of connection is up to 10 devices at a time.

Jiofi 4 Review: Hardware & Design

JioFi 4 features a design that is larger than the previous model. Having a matte finish body with rounded edges, the device has an OLED display with icons and a power button along with a WPS button on the front.

JioFi 4 Review: How Much Value For Money Does JioFi 4 Have?

JioFi 4 is available with so many features and specifications while the Jiofi 4 price is less than ₹2500. Thus, it can be called as a pocket-friendly buy in comparison with the portable hotspot devices by other brands available in the market.

Jiofi 4 Review: How Good is the Jiofi 4 Connectivity?

Jiofi 4 can connect to up to 32 devices. The recommended limit is up to 10 devices to have an on-the-go experience. If you want to get the maximum speed of internet from your JioFi 4, place the device in approx. 10 m radius from your Wi-Fi enabled mobile or laptop.

Jiofi 4 Review: Pros & Cons


  • Amazing portability
  • Long battery life
  • Connect up to 32 devices
  • Easy connection and setup
  • Optimal range


  • Works with Jio SIM only
  • The location should have a proper Jio Network coverage area

Jiofi 4 Review: Verdict

Being an affordable portable hotspot device, JioFi 4 is quite a good buy. Having an amazing battery backup and connectivity of up to 32 wi-fi enabled devices, not just mobiles but laptops and computers too, JioFi 4 can always be counted upon if you’re looking for a device that offers you amazing internet speed at an affordable price.

Jiofi 4 Plans

1.5GB per day
JioFi3 Plan NameJioFi 3 Plan SpeedJioFi Plan DataJioFi 3 Plan Price
₹ 149150 Mbps42GB for 28 days₹ 149
₹ 349150 Mbps105GB for 70 days₹ 349
₹ 399150 Mbps126GB for 84 days₹ 399
₹ 449150 Mbps136GB for 91 days₹ 449
2GB per day
₹ 198150 Mbps56GB for 28 days₹ 198
₹ 398150 Mbps140GB for 70 days₹ 398
₹ 448150 Mbps168GB for 84 days₹ 448
₹ 498150 Mbps182GB for 91 days₹ 498
3GB, 4G, & 5GB per day
₹ 299150 Mbps84GB for 28 days₹ 299
₹ 509150 Mbps112GB for 28 days₹ 509
₹ 799150 Mbps140GB for 28 days₹ 799
Long-Term Data Plan
₹ 9,999150 Mbps750GB for 364 days₹ 9,999

JioFi 4 Price: ₹2499

The Jiofi 4 is priced at an attractive Rs.2499

JioFi 4 – FAQs

Can I still buy Jiofi 4?

Yes, you can buy JioFi 4 anytime via online retailers or at Jio Stores.

Is JioFi 4 Price less than JioFi 3?

No, JioFi 4 price (₹2499) is higher than JioFi 3 (₹1999).

Is JioFi 4 Price less than JioFi 5?

No, JioFi 4 price (₹2499) are same as JioFi 5 (₹2499).

Are JioFi 4 specifications better than that of JioFi 3 specifications?

Yes, JioFi 4 specifications are better than JioFi 3 specifications in terms of compatibility, connectivity and many more.

Are Jiofi 4 specifications better than that of Jiofi 5 specifications?

Some of JioFi 4 specifications are similar to that of JioFi 5. But in terms of frequency, JioFi 5 specifications are better than JioFi 4 specifications.

Should I Buy Jiofi 4?

Yes, you should buy JioFi 4 if you’re looking for an affordable broadband device with an amazing connectivity and great speed.

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