JioFi Speed Test: How To Check Jio Hotspot Device Speed?

JioFi Speed Test: How To Check Jio Hotspot Device Speed?

JioFi is a portable device brought into the market by one of the top consumer durable companies – Reliance Digital (A subsidiary of Reliance Retail). Allowing a minimum of 10 devices + 1 USB to access Jio’s high speed 4G internet, the device acts as a personal hotspot. Available in many models that can even support many more connections, this LYF powered JioFi device allows you to enjoy superfast internet on your 2G/3G smartphones. At times, these wifi devices relay a slow internet speed. Thus a JioFi speed test is recommended to check the internet speed for JioFi devices. All you have to do is follow a simple process by which you can easily check your Jio hotspot speed. Check out how.

1What is Jio WIFI Speed?

While there can be many reasons for slow internet speed like surpassing of daily data usage limit, strength of network, signal obstructions, location etc., Jio Wifi hotspot devices ideally relay the following speed.

Jiofi Device Jiofi Device Speed
Jiofi Speed 100-150 mbps
Jiofi 2 Speed 150 mbps
Jiofi 3 Speed 150 mbps
Jiofi 4 Speed 150 mbps
Jiofi 5 Speed 151-300 Mbps


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