Keep Yourself Updated On The Latest Business News With ‘The Forbes Magazine’!


‘Forbes’ is a bi-weekly magazine founded in 1917. It is owned by the Forbes Media, LLC. This business magazine is considered a must for major businessmen and capitalists all over the world. The magazine is also famous for its listings like ‘The Forbes 400’, ‘Forbes Global 200’ and ‘The World’s Billionaires’.

Here are some facts about the ‘Forbes Magazine’:

  • There were about 930,000 copies in circulation as of 2013.
  • The magazine is published in 40 local language editions and had 10 foreign editions as of 2009.
  • ‘Forbes’ India was founded in 2008 and has R. Jagannathan as its editor.
  • ‘Forbes’ covers various topics such as Business, Investing, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Lifestyle.
  • ‘Fortune 500’ is a ranking list of companies based on their revenues that ‘Forbes’ has been publishing since 1955.
  • ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’ ranking is also a much awaited list every year, where ‘Forbes’ lists exciting people under the age of 30 who are doing outstandingly well in various fields.

‘Forbes’ magazine can help you stay connected to the business world as well as be updated on the latest news. It’s a comprehensive guide of companies and industries providing an amazing insight into the workings of these business arenas. Get inspired by Forbes magazine to become the next big thing! Subscribe to Forbes via Magzter and save money when you do so.


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