Kesar During Pregnancy

About Kesar

Kesar also was known as Saffron, is a spice derived from the Crocus sativus flower. In this spice, there are these vivid crimson stigmas and styles that are called threads, which are then collected and dried to be used mainly as a colouring agent in food. Kesar is one of the world’s most costly spices, and it was first cultivated in Greece.

Is it Safe?

For most people using saffron supplements in the short-term seems safe. But, sometimes it may cause side effects like anxiety, upset stomach, and sleepiness. This happens due to using high doses of saffron for a long period of time may turn out to be risky.

Benefits of Kesar During Pregnancy

Ayurveda believes that consuming the right amount of saffron can ease the pregnancy discomforts. It improves digestion and appetite by supplying the blood uniformly to each and every part of the body. Moreover, Kesar aids in controlling your mood swings, if consumed every day.

Controls Mood Swings

During pregnancy, the hormonal flow can make you irritable and impulsive. Saffron has an anti-depressant property which helps you deal with those teary and gloomy days. It boosts blood flow to the brain which produces serotonin, a hormone which will definitely make you feel better.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Increase in blood pressure during pregnancy is one common problem, to reduce it you can add 3 to 4 strands of saffron in milk. It will relax the muscles and acts as a uterine stimulant.

Aids Digestion

During pregnancy period, constipation, gas and bloating are very common problems. Saffron increases metabolism and promotes blood flow to the digestive system. Milk can be consumed for high protein and calcium, but it may not be easily got digested. Saffron helps in digesting milk too.

Fights Allergies

During pregnancy, you are more prone to allergies. Saffron immersed milk will soothe a cough, asthma, allergies and also relieve congestion. You can get rid of the fever by applying the paste of sandalwood and saffron, it’s one natural way to treat fever.

Keeps Heart Diseases at Bay

Saffron has high antioxidants, potassium and crocetin contents. It reduces the level of cholesterol and keeps your arteries free from fat deposits.

Ways to Use Saffron

Saffron with Milk

The most common way in which people use Saffron (Kesar) is by adding few strands in a warm glass of milk.

Saffron with Water

You can simply put a few strands of saffron in water, it will help you in your digestion.

Crumbled Saffron

This form of saffron is best suitable for use in nutritious soups and salad dressings. You can crumble the saffron strands with your fingers and use them directly in different preparations. After you prepare saffron prepared the saffron, the next step is to utilize them in dishes.

Expert Tips

The Indian science of Ayurveda advice the consumption of saffron from the fifth month of pregnancy. It is believed to aid the baby’s movements as well. Adding just a few strands of saffron in a warm glass of milk and the risks of endangering the baby due to premature contractions is reduced.

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