KFC Customer Care Numbers: KFC India Toll Free Helpline & Complaint No.

KFC is an American fast food chain that specializes in fried chicken and KFC Customer Care can be contacted easily if you have any feedback or complaint. They have many stores all over India and provide finger licking good food. You can even order from them online. Below are some important KFC customer care numbers you can reach for assistance.

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KFC Customer Care Numbers: Complaint Number & Email

KFC Customer Care Details KFC Customer Care Number Region
KFC Customer Care Number 3399-4444 All India
KFC Toll Free Number 0124-4025100
KFC Helpline Number 011- 43504848 Central Delhi
KFC Complaint Number 0120- 4066333 Noida
KFC Enquiry Number 0124 – 4674444 Gurgaon
KFC Contact Number: 022- 61522692 Mumbai
KFC Customer Support Email Id: https://online.kfc.co.in/contact-us (KFC Customer Service ID) (page link)


Online Complaint: KFC Customer Support Online

  1. Log on to the KFC website or follow this link – https://online.kfc.co.in/contact-us
  2. Fill up all the necessary details
  3. Submit the form

KFC Customer Care Numbers, KFC Toll Free Helpline, Enquiry, Contact, Complaint Number

FAQs Answered about The – KFC Customer Care Numbers & Contact Details

What is a KFC Helpline Number?

If you need any assistance regarding your order, you can call at KFC Helpline number.

What is a KFC Toll Free Number?

KFC toll free number is the one you can call at without incurring any charges on the call. 

What is the difference between KFC Contact Number & KFC Enquiry Number?

KFC contact number could be their official, corporate contact number while KFC Enquiry number are various customer care numbers or specific store numbers you can call at for any enquiry.

How effective are KFC Complaint Numbers?

KFC has many stores spread throughout the country and they cater to a huge market. Their complaint numbers are effective and they strive to provide resolve instantly.

Do you sell halal chicken?

KFC sells certified halal chicken.

How many calories does my chicken have?

You can log on to the KFC website and click on the bars at the extreme right. Then go to Nutrition to know the number of calories in your food.

Is there a healthier option at KFC?

KFC makes nutritional improvements to bring you delicious yet low on calorie, salt and fat food.

Other Customer Care Numbers

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