The reason cooking remains only to women is because men do not understand half of the kitchen appliances. The process can be a lot more fun if you know how to use appliances for making a master chef recipe. There are kitchen appliances or gadgets which can make your cooking nightmare shoo away in a minute.

Top Kitchen Appliances to Make Your Cooking Easy

Bread Maker

Break maker

Most people around the world start their day with a tea and some toasts. Bread has the shortest shelf life and one has to rush to market every other day. A breadmaker is an ultimate solution. Dump the dough and all other ingredients to bake fresh bread and cakes.

Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker

Cooking rice is simple, but with a rice cooker, it can be a lot simpler. The Bajaj rice cooker has auto cook feature which will end the burned rice blues and you can do all the other cooking. You can cook two dishes simultaneously. And yes, you can also steam vegetables or fish in the cooker.

Bullet Mixer/Blender/Grinder

Bullet mixer

You must have seen bullet mixer in a teleshopping ad on television post-midnight. It is one of the handiest kitchen gadgets for making quick smoothies or grinding Indian spices or vegetables. It is like Rajpal Yadav of kitchen appliances, small but multi-talented.

Food Saver

Food saver

Food, when exposed to air, loses its life ahead of the usual cycle. A food saver is definitely going to save a lot of food and money for you. It will vacuum the air and keep the food air tight. You can now worry less about fish, veggies, bread, and other dairy products getting spoiled too soon.

Electric Egg Boiler/Cooker

Egg Boiler/Cooker

Among the many pains in life, one of them is underdone or overdone boiled eggs. The conventional method requires time and you end checking it every 10 seconds. Enjoy perfectly boiled eggs with an egg cooker. It boils eggs in less than 7 minutes and has an auto-cute function. Voila!

Mug Warmer

mug warmer

With mug warmer, coffee or tea will stay hot for as long as you want. Simply connect the cable to the main socket or to the laptop via USB cable. Carry it around anywhere you go.

Breakfast Station


How convenient it’d be if you could make your whole breakfast with just one kitchen gadget. Breakfast station is exactly that. Brew coffee, griddle toast and egg or use it as an oven, this little breakfast station can do it all for you.

Air Fryer

Air fryer

Get rid of burn marks & oily food and cook carefree with an air fryer. It works on air technology which cooks crispy food in a very less time. Air fryer can be used to fry, bake, grill and roast. You can order Pigeon air fryer and get cashback via

Happy Cooking!

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