From just a menial household chore, cooking has taken the form of an art. This has everything to do with the revolutionary kitchen products and appliances that make whipping up the most delicious of dishes not only quick, but also fun. Today, we’ve rounded up the best of these products from the most popular brands in India.


Known for top quality kitchenware manufactured using non-toxic, food grade, virgin plastic, this brand has captured many hearts in the country. Tupperware products help you prep, cook, bake and store.

Extra Chef

Having this product handy is like having another hand in the kitchen. It blends, emulsifies, chops and mixes saving you an enormous amount of time and effort. The best part is that it does all this without using any electricity. Cut down the prep time while making sauces, cakes, smoothies omelets and so much more with this delightfully compact contraption.


Quick Shake

Thinking of whipping up your favorite milkshake or protein shake? Bring home the Tupperware Quick Shake which lets you do so without any electricity consumption. The shaker comes with a removable blender wheel that allows you to shake, blend and prepare the perfect milkshake. The sealed cap with a pouring spout makes it even more convenient as you can drink straight from your own personal blender.


Rice Smart

When rice storage becomes an issue, turn to the Tupperware Rice Smart. As the name suggests, it provides you with a smart way to store rice. Firstly, it allows you to store it right on your countertop as it is compact and even smart-looking. Secondly, the easy open tab will let you take out only the amount that you need with minimal spillage. Finally, the first in- first out method will make sure that you use old rice first. Can it get any smarter?



The brand LG has been around for decades, coming out with the most innovative products across categories including Mobiles, Kitchen Appliances, Televisions and more. When it comes to kitchen products, these sleek and functional products are all must buys.

30’’ Radiant Cooktop

One look at this gorgeous cooktop and you will absolutely fall in love. The stylish design gives you the perfect synergy between good looks and convenience. The varied element sizes allow you to cook in the largest and smallest of cookware. The SmoothTouch controls, ceramic glass finish and endless features like auto shut off, child lock and more, make this one of the best electric cooktops in town.


InstaView Door-In-Door Refrigerator

It’s out with the old and in with the innovative when you bring home this remarkable refrigerator. With two quick knocks, the front glass panel illuminates and lets you raid the fridge without having to open it. The ice and water dispenser, large storage space, black stainless steel finish and brilliant design all add to the list of reasons why you must have this fridge.



Starting from a company that only manufactured pressure cookers to a complete kitchen solutions brand, Prestige has come a long way. Shop for intuitive products that are easy to use and amazing to look at. The best part? They’ll fit right into your budget.


Get more use out of your microwave with this unique microwave-friendly pressure cooker. The product that looks deceptively small in size, allows you to cook rice and vegetables simultaneously in the brilliantly designed compartments. Save time, effort and electricity with this exclusive appliance


Multi Kadai

Another innovation from the ever evolving brand is the Prestige Multi-Kadai. What sets this product apart from others is that you can use it for making delicious idlis or dhoklas and for deep frying and making curries. A true multi-tasker, it can be used on traditional or induction stovetops. The hard anodized aluminum body makes it durable and it will stay with you for years to come.


Are you ready to celebrate your smart new kitchen?

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