Know About The Chocolate Which is Priced at Rs 4.3 Lacs/Kg

You think you have been eating those exotic chocolates all this while?

You think that you have had the costliest and the best chocolates?

Well, this chocolate is here to challenge everything that you have had before!

Presenting to you, Fabelle Trinity Truffles Extraordinaire! This chocolate from ITC has made the world record of being the most expensive chocolate at Rs 4.3 lacs/kg.



You read it right.

Chocolate enthusiasts are having it at whopping Rs. 4.3lacs/kg as well. Even one piece of it would cost you about Rs. 17000 would be made available in hand-made wooden box.

If that has left you wondering about the portion of your or your parents’ salary it is going to take, we are here for your rescue! With chocolate-y and pocket friendly options available on Uber Eats, you don’t have to worry about the hole that chocolates are going to dig in your pockets.

Here are some of the affordable restaurants in Delhi/NCR where you can satiate your chocolate cravings with Uber Eats:

Waffle Nation

Located at Hudson lane, you won’t be able to get enough of this crispy piece of heaven.

Their Brownie Heaven waffle will give you a nice trip to heaven and it cost way lesser than Rs. 4.3 lacs/kg. With the Uber Eats promo that Uber Eats offers, you can slurp and save while having these.

Stop My Starvation

Having outlets in both Delhi and Gurgaon, you don’t even have to spend your money on travel because of the availability of this restaurant. Their crepes are to die for and they will take you to the chocolate heaven in afterlife. In addition to this, you can apply Uber Eats promo and Uber Eats coupon to avail additional discounts.


Delhites, our good old Keventers, right?

It will give you all the chocolates you need and won’t burn a hole. Uber Eats offers various Uber Eats promo code that can be used to avail discounts on these best chocolate milkshakes in the city.

So, what did we learn today?

Good things don’t really cost a fortune and with Uber Eats Promo Code, you don’t have to swoon over expensive chocolates.

Don’t wait for long.

Grab Uber Eats coupons from CashKaro today and get ready to devour all day, everyday the goodness of chocolates.

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