The facts cannot be downplayed. We are living through trying times and with a 21-day lockdown imposed all over India, it is definitely a time to bunker down and stay safe indoors. But that won’t stop us from getting our cravings, will it? There’s no reason we cannot have fun indoors and enjoy some delicious treats like Dominos Pizza.

You may be a bit weary – what if the virus gets transmitted locally? Don’t worry, just to negate your worries, Dominos has now created a Zero Contact Delivery, which will ensure that your pizza reaches you in the safest way possible.

Let’s take a look at what Zero Contact Delivery implies.

Zero Contact Delivery

Step 1: Order your pizza using the ‘Zero Contact Delivery’ option on the cart page.

Step 2: Your pizza will be brought to you by a Safe Delivery Expert and they will place the pizza at your doorstep and ring the bell.

Step 3: They will move away to the regulated distance (6 ft.) and wait till you collect your order.

Please note that this option is only available on orders paid online, as collecting money at the doorstep would lead to contact with the delivery person. Order your pizza now with Dominos Coupons from CashKaro and get cashback.

Zero Contact Pickup

If you would rather go and pick up your pizza yourself, then Dominos has a safe option for this as well.

Step 1: Order your pizza online and click on the Zero Contact Pickup option.

Step 2: Head to the store and stand in the zone called ‘Zero Contact Pickup Zone’

Step 3: Your order will be placed in a bag by an employee wearing gloves and masks. The order number is displayed on the bag.

Step 4: The employee will move away and call out your order number, following which you can go pick it up.

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Do note that this too is available only on Prepaid Orders. Order online through the Dominos App or website. Make sure to use Dominos Coupon Codes while doing so.

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