Kumaryasava : Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, 9 FAQs & More

What is Kumaryasava?

Kumaryasava, also known as Kumari Asava is a poly herbal liquid medicine with 5 to 10% self-generated alcohol. This self-generated alcohol and water helps in dissolving the active herbal components in the body. The main constituent of Kumaryasava is Aloe Vera and this Ayurvedic recipe is often used to treat gastritis, piles, cough, cold, breathlessness and urinary tract disorders. It can also be used for treating menstrual disorders.

Health Benefits of Kumaryasava

Kumaryasava is mainly used to treat and manage different health disorders. It benefits a person exponentially in fighting various health worries. Some of the most noticeable benefits are enlisted below:

Helps in stimulating digestion

Kumaryasava stimulates the secretion of bile from the liver with the help of ingredients like Aloe Vera and Tamra Bhasma. It, therefore improves liver functions and digestion.

Treats bronchitis and cough

Consuming this medicine reduces the production of mucus and liquifies abnormal discharge. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. With its strong anti-bacterial properties, it helps reduce attacks of chronic bronchitis and blood in sputum. It strengthens the lung tissues and prevents infection.

Treats menstrual irregularities

Kumaryasava regulates and improves menstrual flow in case of absence or lack of bleeding. It is also helpful in providing relief from painful periods or dysmenorrhea. If Kumaryasava is used along with Mahayograj, Gugggul, Chandraprabha Vati and few other Ayurvedic ingredients, it can also be beneficial for PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. In case of heavy bleeding, Ashokarishta is taken instead of Kumaryasava.

Acts as an aphrodisiac

Kumaryasava increases libido and improves the quality of sperm. It is also recommended for treating male impotency.

Helps cure loss of appetite and anorexia

Kumaryasava stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, thus promoting digestion of all nutrients. It is also known to improve appetite. It further reduces excessive saliva production, heaviness in the abdomen, burps and chronic constipation.

Treats fatty liver syndrome (Hepatic Steatosis)

The many ingredients present in Kumaryasava promote the metabolism of fats, thus, preventing its accumulation in the liver.

Uses of Kumaryasava

Kumaryasava has a host of benefits and can be used for varied reasons to obtain a maximum advantage. Some of the best uses are explained under:

Anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial

Kumaryasava contains elements that are anti oxidising and anti-bacterial in nature. That said, it can help prevent and fight diseases like cold, fever, urinary problems, respiratory worries, etc.

Skin care regulation

Using Kumaryasava can help you rejuvenate your skin, mainly due to the presence of herbal ingredients and aloe vera. These contain vitamin E & C rich elements which give your skin a glowing look.


The presence of aloe vera in Kumaryasava makes it laxative in nature. This, in turn, helps to fight chronic constipation.

How To Use Kumaryasava?

Kumaryasava can be taken twice a day with an equal amount of water immediately after food.

Q. Can it be consumed before or after meals?

It must be consumed after your meals for it to have the maximum impact in curing the target diseases.

Q. Can Kumaryasava be taken on an empty stomach?

No, Kumaryasava must not be taken on an empty stomach. It is an Ayurvedic medicine that helps to treat problems of gastritis and urinary tract disorders. As Kumaryasava is a digestive enzyme, you must consume it post lunch or dinner.

Q. Can Kumaryasava be consumed with water?

Yes, Kumaryasava must be consumed in equal quantity with water after your meal. Consuming it prior to your meal can lead to side effects.

Kumaryasava Dosage

Safe Dosage





10 ml -20 ml, twice a day

After meal

Children (above 5 years)

5 ml – 10 ml, a

After meal

Maximum dosage can be 60 ml per day divided into doses. However, strict medical supervision is recommended before consuming this medicine.

Doctor’s advice is recommended. One must avert from self-medication.

Side Effects of Kumaryasava

Kumaryasava can have the following side effects:

1. Unsuitable for piles patients: One must refrain from using Kumaryasava when he or she is suffering from bleeding piles.

2. Can lead to green stools: Consuming Kumaryasava before your meal can cause green stools. It must always be consumed with water in equal proportion for best results.

3. Inflammatory effect: It can cause inflammation of kidneys if consumed in excess .

4. Unsafe during breastfeeding: It should not be taken by pregnant or lactating women.

5. Pain during excretion: High usage can prompt cramp during bowel movement or discomfort in urinary bladder or urethra.

Harmful Interaction of Kumaryasava

Kumaryasava can interact with some medicines. Hence, it is advisable to consult your doctor if you have been taking some medicines before you start using Kumaryasava.

Precautions And Warnings Of Kumaryasava

Q. Can Kumaryasava be consumed before driving?

If the patient experiences drowsiness or tiredness, then it may not be safe to consume it before driving. Such a case requires immediate attention and alteration in the way of consuming the medicine.

 Q. Can Kumaryasava be consumed with alcohol?

No. It is not advisable to consume it with alcohol as it propels drowsiness in the patient which can further have severe repercussions.

Q. Can Kumaryasava be addictive?

Majority of medicines are manufactured with a clear intention. One must exercise caution in consuming Kumaryasava in the quantity prescribed by the ayurvedic doctor to avoid any dependency.

Q. Can Kumaryasava make you drowsy?

It may make you drowsy or lethargic in certain situations. You must immediately consult your ayurvedic doctor if you experience anything of that sort.

Q. Can you overdose on Kumaryasava?

Yes. Strict measures must be taken in consuming Kumaryasava. It can affect adversely and have side effects if consumed in excess quantity.

9 Important Questions About Kumaryasava Answered

What is it made of?

Kumaryasava is made up of a lot of powerful and effective ingredients like aloe vera juice, water, honey, jaggery, piper chaba, sheetal mirch, loha bhasma etc.

What are Kumaryasava storage requirements?

Kumaryasava must be stored at room temperature in a dry place. It must be kept away from the reach of children.

How long do I need to use Kumaryasava till I see improvement in my condition?

It varies from person to person. Generally, the effects of consuming Kumaryasava are visible in 4-8 weeks from starting its course.

How many times a day do I need to use Kumaryasava?

It must be consumed twice a day in a quantity between 10 ml and 20 ml for adults. For best results, it must be consumed after having your meal.

In any case, the maximum quantity consumed in a day must not exceed 60 ml.

Does it have any effect on breastfeeding?

Yes. It must only be consumed after proper consultation by an ayurvedic doctor depending upon the health condition of the lactating mother.

Is it safe for kids?

It is safe for kids to consume Kumaryasava. However, the quantity must be restricted to 5 ml to 10 ml.

Can Kumaryasava be taken on empty stomach?

No, it must be consumed in the prescribed quantity after consuming your meals.

Does it have any effect on pregnancy?

Yes. It should not be taken during pregnancy as it may lead to bleeding and ultimately to miscarriage.

Does it contain sugar?

Yes. It consists of sugar as one of its ingredients and thus is not suitable for patients suffering from diabetes.

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Research about Kumaryasava

Studies advocate that Kumaryasava has been beneficial towards curing ailments like abdominal discomfort, piles, menstrual problems, fever, cough etc. It is mainly due to several curative properties associated with it. It is also known to improve the quality-of-life of the patients.

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