Remember those Hollywood movies where the woman’s water breaks in the worst possible (and very public) place and then there’s a frantic rush to the hospital? Yeah, that won’t be half as funny real life. By the time you’re 35 weeks along, know that labor is just around the corner and start preparing accordingly.

Check List for Things One Needs to Pack in Labor Bag

For Mommy

There are things you absolutely must put in the bag and things you can choose to leave home. Let’s start with the must have’s –

  • Birth Plan, Test Reports and other documents
  • A Nightgown or Loose T-shirt -This will get ruined, so don’t pack anything you love.
  • A Pair of Comfy Socks – These will get ruined tooS102-2T_grande_75462e8b-d5b1-4232-873b-692d1a133765
  • Bedroom Slippers
  • Candies or Lozenges -To keep your mouth from drying out
  • Lip Balm – Your lips can get dry too
  • Hairbands -To keep your hair out of your eyes during the birth (Do not take clips as they might poke you.
  • Snacks and Drinks – You might hate the ones the hospital has
  • Toiletries – Shampoo, conditioner, face cream etc.
  • Extra Underwear – Make sure you pack a nursing bra
  • Heavy Flow Sanitary Pads
  • Going Home Clothes

And now for the optional stuff –

  • Ipod or MP3 Player – Soothing music might do you good
  • Camera – In case your kid ever asks you ‘Mommy, how did I get here?’ (Just kidding, don’t traumatize your little one)
  • Books – If you’re into reading, that is.
  • Massage oils and lotions – You might want a massage or you might not want anyone touching you, this one’s completely up to you.
  • Sweater or Warm Clothes – In case you’re giving birth in the cold part of the year
  • Your Pillow – If you’re picky and want your own

For Daddyurl-3

Apart from lugging around your stuff, he’ll need a few things at the hospital too:

  • A Change of Clothes
  • A Phone and its Charger
  • Snacks and Drinks
  • Comfy Shoes

For The Bundle Of Joy

Kids can be demanding, right from the start. Here’s what you need to pack for your brand new cuddle buddy:16d3ba72e266848811366fd873e692be

  • A Car Seat – For the ride home, first of many
  • Coming Home Outfit – Because, the first family picture upon arriving home needs to be ADORABLE
  • Baby Blanket – The new born will be more sensitive to cold than you are
  • Diapers – A lot of those

Start packing now and when you’re done, make sure you stash the bag someplace that is easily accessible. Now just lay back and wait for the signs (of labor)!

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