Labrada is an American nutrition supplement brand that was founded in 1995. Labrada Nutrition offers a wide range of healthy nutritional supplements including award-winning Lean Body ready-to-drink protein shakes, meal replacement powders, and bars. Labrada Whey Protein and mass gainer are among the most trusted supplements in sports nutrition.

Review of Labrada Whey Protein Isolate (Chocolate)

Labrada Whey Protein Isolate is one of Labrada’s best-selling products

What Makes It Great

  • It is created from 100% premium whey protein concentrate
  • Low on carbs
  • It contains added enzymes for faster digestion
  • Low in sugar
  • It is gluten and lactose free
  • It comes in 51 different flavors

What It Lacks

  • Added artificial sweetness aren’t very healthy
  • Some users have complained about poor mixability

Why Buy Labrada Whey Protein Products?

Labrada Whey Protein: Review, Price and Nutrition

  • All of its supplements are proven to work, both in the lab and in the field, to help you reach your physique goals
  • All Labrada products are assessed by a third-party lab to ensure that they meet label claim, so you get what you pay for
  • It has received NNFA People’s Choice Award and the American Culinary Institute’s Gold Taste Award several times
  • It is much cheaper than most of the popular brands out there
  • All Labrada products are backed by founder Lee Labrada’s personal quality guarantee

Other Popular Nutrition Supplement Brands

Labrada makes products that are affordable. Not all brands are pocket-friendly. Here are some other brands that buyers can consider instead of Labrada:

Products Labrda Sells

  • Creatine
  • Tablets and Capsules
  • Carbohydrates
  • Amino Acids
  • Bars, Food and Drinks
  • Workout Essentials


Labrada is one of the best sports nutrition brands available in the market. It is pocket friendly, their products taste great and they ensure the highest quality standards in their production process. Their nutrition profile could be better in certain products. Labrada Whey Protein has a good reputation among fitness enthusiasts.

If you don’t take any nutrition supplement, then it is advisable to begin with whey protein. It is the perfect supplement to begin with. It has countless benefits that aid fat loss and muscle growth and recovery.

Let us now understand why you should buy whey protein from Labrada.

Nutrition Highlights

  • Serving size: 33 grams
  • Protein per serving: 21 grams (lower than average)
  • Calories: 103 kcal (lower than average. Great for weight loss)
  • Total Fat: 1.9 grams (average, could be lower)
  • Glutamine: 3.6 gms (slightly higher than average)
  • BCAA: 4.5 grams per serving

Prices And Where To Buy

Labrada Whey Protein and other Labrada supplements are available online at Amazon and HealthKart. Avail the best prices on the latest Labrada Whey Protein with the use of HealthKart offers and coupon code. You should also check out Healthgenie offers and MyFitFuel Offers

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