The internet is flooded with goals. I swear to God! One is talking about Relationship Goals and the other is whispering about Holiday Goals. We didn’t see so many goals in Euro Cup 2016 that we saw on the internet. In the horde where everything on the internet is a goal, we bring you never seen before goals. A laptop without some accessories is like a girl with an empty shopping wishlist. That’s why we tell you about laptop accessories that will give you laptop goals. O Yeah!

Here is the List of Top 10 Laptop Accessories that you must have:

1. Cooling Pad

Cooling pad

We all are workaholics. We work tirelessly on our laptops day & night and with sustained usage, they tend to heat up. Heating could lead to malfunctioning or even damage to the internal components of the laptop. A cooling pad will help you keep the laptop cool even after long working hours. The inbuilt fan helps to regulate the temperature of the laptop. To add to your fascination, cooling pads come in various shapes and designs.

2. Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Sleeve

Dust would be the last thing you wish you to see on your laptop. Damage, on the other hand, is nothing you wish to witness at all. Also, a laptop alone cannot look so dope that it can with a laptop sleeve. They are available in different colours and unique designs. A laptop sleeve is not just about its looks. It is also very durable and easy to carry.

3. An Extra Battery


The day is 24 hours, working hours is 9 hours and the laptop battery life is just 4 hours. Life is unfair! It is impossible to keep your laptop running on a busy day and to be hooked with the adaptor is passé. Add life to your laptop with an extra battery. Keep the lights rolling.

4. Laptop Skin

laptop skin

We are talking about must have laptop accessories and how can we miss out laptop skins. They are a cool way to add more style to the laptop. A laptop skin also protects the laptop from dust and grime. You can choose from a huge variety of them. Abstract, Solid prints, Superhero & Cartoon characters, Hollywood and a lot more. It’s time to get some skin!

5. USB Light

USB Light

So it is midnight and you realised you haven’t prepared the weekly report. You cannot switch on the lamp as it would disturb the other person and you are too lazy to move out to other room. The solution, in that case, is a USB Light. It will give you the ample amount of light and keep your eyes away from stress.

6. USB Hub


A standard laptop has 3 USB ports and what if all three are occupied with some device or the other? Buy yourself a USB hub for the love of wires. A hub is a cool gadget and enough to give you laptop goals.

7. A Wireless Mouse


The touchpad was a technology revolution when it arrived back in the year 1982. But it is not as convenient as it should be. A mouse is a perfect device to swiftly move in and out the different tabs, scroll pages and browsers. A wireless mouse can be the best purchase for the laptop users.

Set your laptop goals today!

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