With technological advances making their way into every segment, the process of Sheet Metal Fabrication has become a popular way of manufacturing prototypes and end-use parts. Integrated with computerized controls; precision, speed, and consistency are normal elements of this fabrication process.

Many industries are witnessing constant evolution using upgradation & technological advances. To function fully, the industries require machinery with unique parts that need to be customized as per their requirement. As more and more factories are being built or upgraded, additions to production lines, storage racks, and other innovations are also being made side by side. Again, custom parts like brackets and panels are required to improve the production and storage capacity. This requires involvement of a precise and speedy manufacturing process like Sheet Metal Fabrication that can be used to make these parts.

Laser Cutting In The Modern Age

Laser Cutting

Cutting metal has developed multifolds over centuries of metal fabrication. While earlier it was done using saws and hydraulic shearers, a more recent evolution involves high-pressure water jets and lasers. With an upfront technology, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) laser cutters have given a prominent position to precision and speed. These two aspects of the laser cutting process have improved at a massive level.

CNC is found in almost every modern laser cutter. This means that using these laser cutters, programmed designs can be changed and altered anytime to obtain the desired outcome. Since the laser cutters used in this process are controlled by a computer, the intricate and complex parts can be produced with consistency over and over again.

Laser cutters use a highly concentrated beam of light that is about one-quarter of the width of one strand of human hair. This ensures that the cuts made are extremely precise and have smoother finish. Other than this, the CPC enabled laser cutters help in minimizing the amount of scrap material that had to be removed in larger quantities earlier. Greater tolerance can too be met using this technique as compared to the traditional processes of metal sheet cutting.

Laser cutters leave the metal edges clean and undamaged. No further cleaning or finishing is required, which further simplifies the process.

With the finest laser beam at the service, parts being cut out from a sheet of metal can be placed close together. Unlike earlier, when different parts were cut out from different sheets. This means that less material is needed to produce these parts, thus saving on the overall material cost of the company.

Benefits Of Laser Cutting:

  • Greater cutting precision and accuracy
  • Cleaner and finest edges
  • Tighter tolerances and great ability to make intricate cuts
  • Less material removed during the cutting process, saving on material costs
  • Consistency in producing the same part

Product Finishing With Bending And Forming

Metal Sheet Bending & Forming

Some end-use products are simply a flat panel of metal, but most are somewhat complicated. These products require some bending and forming to obtain the required shape.

A variety of tools and methods can be used to change flat sheets of metal into a three-dimensional shape. Roll bending creates curves. V-shape angles are made by pressing the metal over a V-shaped groove. Rail shaped products can be made by forcing the metal into the desired shape. Panel sides are manufactured by bending the metal at the right angles.

Other than providing the desired shape to the metal sheet, bending and forming add strength and stiffness to the final product.

End-Products Made Using Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Enclosures: Panels, boxes, cases, consoles, and consolets of various shapes and sizes
  • Fasteners: Brackets and mounts of various shapes (square, round, rectangle, triangle, V-shaped, U-shaped, L-shaped) or any geometric shape needed
  • Framework: Chassis for small handheld devices to large products. Holes for corresponding parts will line up true because of the precision laser cutting

Many online services allow the buyers to shop for parts made using Sheet Metal Fabrication easily through their web platforms. Simply upload your design online and instantly check the manufacturability and cost quote. If you to wish to buy the best parts for your machinery, always use the online sheet metal fabrication service.

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