Does your plain t-shirt and jeans outfit look incomplete? A little bit incomplete maybe? That’s because you don’t have the ultimate topper – a jacket. Adding layers to your outfit has become a trend of late and there’s no disputing that it does look good.

There are many types of jackets for you to choose from. Each looks good in its own way. Here are some options that are available on NNNOW. Choose your favourite, or get them all!

Denim Jacket

This is a classic, that probably everyone owns already. It is available in many colours, but the most popular one is dark blue. It can be paired with any outfit and doesn’t require much styling. Get it now with Nykaa coupons from CashKaro.

Bomber Jacket

Initially worn by pilots during WWII, the bomber jacket got its name because the bulk of it gave protection against bombs. Today, it is being worn as a style statement and it’s comfortable to boot. Get yours using Nykaa coupon code.

Gilet Jacket

Pronounced Jee-Lay, this is a sleeveless jacket that is usually bulky and worn in colder weathers. It can definitely also double for ‘fashion-purposes’. Style it with a long-sleeve crew-neck t-shirt and you’re good to go for the day. Buy yours with Nykaa offers.

Twill Jacket

Twill is the material that is used to make the Jacket. It is a heavy fabric which makes a perfect jacket. It comes in different patterns and even with embroidery details. There isn’t a specific cut that is unique to a twill jacket, unlike some other styles. Get yours using coupon code for NNNOW from CashKaro and save!

Lace Jacket

With pretty cut-outs and detailing, this jacket is purely for looks. It’s very easy to style but simultaneously easy to get wrong as well, so beware. Put it on and this jacket will immediately add a ton of attitude. Get it in different colours and style with Nykaa coupon codes.

There are a lot more jackets to explore on NNNOW. Use CashKaro’s Nykaa offers and you’ll be able to buy it all without spending too much. Our Nykaa coupons will get you awesome cashback using which you can buy more!

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