If you have ever gone through the list of style do’s and don’ts, you might remember most of the editors talking about how people should always aim for dressing according to their age. Although it’s true, it doesn’t mean that you can’t welcome merchandise that was once a part of your childhood, especially when it comes to Disney. The only thing you need to take care of while wearing Disney animated character’s themed products is to not end up looking like a 13-year old.

What we love most about this resurgence is that there’s a lot of nostalgia associated with it: Trip to the happiest place on earth that a Disney park is, dressing up as a Disney character in our childhood, watching cartoons without any guilt of how many hours went by and so much more.

With street style bloggers taking on this 90’s inspired trend in full swing, it’s high time you too learned to make a big statement with minimal efforts. We looked to several fashion stars for snaps of how they wore Disney India themed products and this is what we came up with:


On chilly days, a cozy sweater with a mickey print would look great with ripped jeans.


Bringing in two prints together is no child’s play. The interesting part here is that even with mixing two prints, your colored disney tee will be a hero piece of your ensemble. That, and also your shoes!


Is there a look more fabulous in winters than teaming up an oversized Disney themed sweatshirt with a miniskirt?


Let others know they won’t like it when you get angry.


Matching the color of your bandana, watch’s dial and lipstick with one of the colors in your tee is a clever move.


If you make shoe contact before eye contact, it is best that you stand out with your choice of footwear. The brand ‘Vans’ has a beautiful collection of Disney themed shoes.


If it feels childish adding a Disney tee under your topcoat, we suggest you skip wearing the topcoat but not in the literal sense. Try the coat slinging technique to add a touch of sophistication.


Instead of allowing your jacket to overshadow your adorable Disney print tee, tie it around your waist. This styling trick is your sure shot ticket for looking super cool.


The lace border socks and braid hairstyle lend this grunge inspired outfit a bit of femininity.


A Minnie mouse inspired bag is another great way to break up the look of a basic outfit.


For an edgy-chic take on this fun trend, pair your mickey sweatshirt with a sheer skirt topped with mickey patches.


Coolest BFF’s at an event? Most likely!


Mix the cuteness with the daring trend i.e. leopard print to amp up your fall dressing.


If your favourite jeans are starting to go, fortify them with delightful Disney patches. Team them with a plain shirt so as to not overpower the look.

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