With their citrusy freshness, lemons can turn any dish into a delight. From salads to cheesecakes, lemons have carved a niche in multi-continental cuisine. Although this tangy fruit goes unnoticed in our day-to-day lives, it comes loaded with nutrients and health benefits that you wouldn’t have thought of.

Lemons are a rich source of fibre, vitamin C and potassium. Ayurveda advocates that lemon juice in warm water helps to kickstart your metabolism in the morning. And recent studies have revealed that lemon is very effective in curbing diabetes.

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Benefits of lemons in Diabetes

1. Lowers Blood Glucose Level:

Researches have proved that the daily intake of Vitamin C reduces the risk of diabetes. It also reduces glucose levels in the body of diabetic patients. Because of the high vitamin C content, lemons are highly recommended to people with diabetes. It was also noted that type 2 diabetes was curable when lemons were taken alongside medicines like metformin. Also, vitamin C supplements can pose a serious threat to health if consumed in overly large doses, thereby making lemons the best choice when it comes to vitamin C intake.

2. High fibre content regulates glucose:

Diabetic patients run a risk of potential cardiovascular diseases. Fibre intake becomes indispensable for diabetics due to this elevated risk. Lemons contain a precious 2.4 grams of fibre in its flesh. High fibre-rich foods like lemons improve glycaemic control. Lemons also reduce the insulin requirements of the body bringing down the triglyceride cycle. Since lemons tend to lower the glycaemic index, the blood sugar fluctuates less and makes you feel full for longer.

3. Aids digestion

Diabetes hampers digestion which can affect other systems in the body. It results in acid reflux, slows down the digestion process and results in toxic build up in the body. Ayurveda believes that toxin build-up in the body is one of the principles causes of diabetes. Lemon water can aid in the digestion process and help flush the toxins out. It can also jumpstart your metabolism if you have a glass of water and lemon juice first thing in the morning.

4. Essential ingredient to meet nutrient needs

A diabetic struggles when it comes to finding ways to meet nutrition demands. Food rich in sugar, carbohydrates and calories cannot be consumed. Lemon is a low-fat and low-calorie food that can be consumed freely. It can be used as a base for lemonade instead of sugar laden soda and as a salad dressing instead of sugar loaded mayo.

5. Antioxidant properties prevents arterial damage:

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that reduces free radicals damage in the body. It helps the production of collagen and maintains the integrity of the walls of the arteries, thereby lowering circulation problems and arterial damage. It helps decrease levels of fasting blood sugar, cholesterol, triglyceride and inflammation.

Drinking lemon water is not just a rage these days. It has indeed become a necessity for your health.

Expert tip

If you are a person with diabetes and want to add lemon to your daily intake, consult your doctor first on how to incorporate it in your diet.

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