The Lenovo Vibe K4 Note recently hit the market in January and has already garnered an amazing amount of hype. The phone is creating a positive buzz not only for budget friendly price but also the features it offers to users which are jaw dropping given its price bracket. This is surely one of the best phones we’ve seen till now and Lenovo seems to have set the pace for the smartphone market with this launch. You can find amazing deals on various Lenovo phones with Shopclues coupons to get yourself a smart and sophisticated piece of technology.

Find out these mesmerising features that are making the Lenovo Vibe K4 an absolute winner:


Lenovo has gone a step further to better your engagement with media be it watching movies or playing games by introducing a brilliant technology TheaterMax that allows you have a jaw dropping widescreen experience which is nothing short of sitting in a cinema. Thanks to its Atmos Dolby surround sound, you’re completely engaged with every activity making the experience completely unmatchable. Thanks to the ANTVR glasses, you now enjoy every movie and game on a virtual screen which makes it all the more enjoyable and addictive.


Fingerprint Scanner

Up until now, the fingerprint scanner was a term associated with big notch names such as Apple but now Lenovo has decided to include this brilliant feature into the Vibe K4 Note as well. The scanner helps you not only unlock the phone but also password protects online purchases adding an extra step of security much needed in today’s tech age. This surely will put a smile on the face of Android users as well.

Fingerprint Scanner

Surround Sound

The Lenovo Vibe K4 Note is surely taking user engagement with technology to a whole new level with the launch of front facing stereo speakers as well with a 3 mic system that creates the perfect acoustics for your music. The phone has two front facing speakers along with the Dolby Atmos software as well making every activity on the phone highly irresistible. With a louder output, enjoy listening to music and watching movies with a captivating experience that will keep you busy for hours. Get your hands on this brilliant phone with ebay coupon codes to enjoy its brilliant features and offerings at a jaw dropping price.


Improved Internals

Any phone’s true test is the internals it packs inside. The Lenovo Vibe K4 comes with amazing internals which includes a stunning 3GB RAM to start which gives stunning processing speeds. Along with a 3GB RAM, the phone also has a beautiful MediaTek Octa Core 64Bit Processor which gives unmatchable output and speed. The internals of the phone are just as commendable as the other add ons. It also has 16GB storage which can be expanded up to 128GB allowing you to carry all important data without having to worry about memory space. The battery offered is a whopping 3300 mAh battery for a full day’s use that will surely leave you hooked to the phone.

Improved Internals

NFC Support

Another technological jargon which has taken up headlines in recent times is the inclusion of NFC or near field communication which allows the phone to communicate with a host of devices within 10 cm range which allows you to easily share files, transfer documents, and play games including multiplayer games along with a host of other features making it spectacular.

NFC Support

These features surely prove Lenovo is all set to change the smartphone game by providing gorgeous features at affordable prices. This might just be the best smartphone in the price range we’ve seen up till now and one can hardly wait for what Lenovo has in store in the future.

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