Lenskart’s Innovative Blu Lenses Launched to Block Harmful Blue Light of Electronic Devices

Lenskart.com, which is known for its technological innovations in eyewear has launched Lenskart Blu in India. These lenses are designed to block harmful blue light which is emitted from electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets and such other gadgets. Lenskart has come out with a tastefully crafted campaign featuring the company’s brand ambassador, Katrina Kaif. The campaign brings forth the point that our eyes get fatigued by constant exposure to various electronic screens as blue light is emitted from these devices. Normal lenses and anti- glare lenses are incapable of blocking this harmful blue light. Only Lenskart Blu lenses block this harmful radiation of violet- blue spectrum and safeguards our eyes.

Lenskart is quite thrilled that its latest innovation will make a positive difference to eye health of its customers.

Source :www.afaqs.com


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