Wax Crayons

Wax crayons are a great pick for young kids. They are mess-free and easy to use and therefore preferred by most parents. They are available in variety of shades, bright and rich that make young kids want to sit down and get colouring. The soft wax allows easy lay down, so that kids do not need to apply pressure to get deeper colours. Wax crayons are a good choice for art book activities as well. Find the best ones for you kids with this neat list of the best quality wax crayons in the market. Read on!

Top Wax Crayons

1. Faber Castell

Faber Castell wax crayons offer extra-long crayons for better grip. They are suitable for small children and help in developing motor skills. These wax crayons are specially formulated from rich food pigments that make them safe to be used by young kids. The pack contains 24 shades along with 4 fluorescent shades to create special effects.

Non-Waxy Formula

These wax crayons have a unique non-waxy super formulation that produces an extra smooth flow of colours.

Editor’s Choice


Let your kids create magic on canvas (read drawing book) with rich wax crayons by DOMS. These crayons are extra-long in size, thus ideal for kids to have a comfortable grip. They come in a pack of 24 shades, and offer enough variety for mixing shades to create different effects. These superior quality crayons are suitable for young children as well.


These wax crayons are completely smudge-proof and give a perfectly finished look.

Popular Choice

3. Camel

Offering 24 assorted shades along with two glitter crayons, Camel wax crayons are the best in terms of variety and quality. They are thicker, smoother, and easier to grip. Coming from a brand of trust, these are completely safe. They comply with the international EN 71-3 standard and are made of special non-toxic materials. This pack comes with fun drawing techniques suggested at the backside that encourage kids to create amazing effects with these crayons.

Glitter Shades

This pack of the wax crayons makes colouring fun with 24 bright colours, and 2 sparkly glitter shades – silver and gold.

Leading Contender

4. Cello

Let your child experience the joy of colouring with 24 jumbo wax crayons from the house of Cello. These crayons are completely non-toxic, and made of play-safe materials conforming to the European Toy Standard, EN-71. They come neatly stacked in a box that has adventure theme print on the front. If you are looking for an ideal birthday gift for a young artist in the making, this is it.

2 Times Stronger

The 2x stronger body ensures that the sticks do not break easily. It makes them stronger, safer, and long lasting.

We Recommend

5. Maped Color Peps

These wax crayons from Maped are the right choice for small kids and preschoolers. They come in 24 vivid shades that allow kids to learn about different shades of the same colour. It also introduces them to the concept of mixing different shades to create new ones that add depth to their artworks. The colours are bright and smooth, and come out really well on all kinds of paper.

Pointed Tips

Pointed tips of these wax crayons are great for precise colouring and detailing.

Also Consider

6. Staedtler

Make colouring even more fun with this crayon set by Staedtler. This set of 12 long wax crayons is loved by tiny tots, thanks to its unique twist and turn mechanism. Available in 12 bright and beautiful colours, these crayons are thick which makes them more durable and sturdier. These crayons are made with safe materials that conform to EN-71, the safest and trusted European Standard for kid’s toys. Each crayon is 7-inch long and is suitable for kids of above 3 years of age.

Breakage Resistant

The crayons are enclosed in long plastic sticks that make them stronger and break-resistant.

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