Let Your Taste Buds Explore With These Pickles & Chutneys

Pickles and chutney on BigBasket

As an Indian, it’s hard to imagine a meal without the presence of a spicy pickle. Whether it is as a side to Paratha or to Curd Rice, pickles are table essentials. Another essential that can’t be foregone is, of course, chutney. They are the side dishes that make even a boring meal mouthwatering.

Now, all of us may not have the time or patience it takes to make all this. But why should we worry when we have something that’ll deliver the premade versions to our homes? BigBasket, your grocery BFF, will make sure your curd rice doesn’t lack in pickles. Explore the variety they have, here:

777.0 Chutney – Gongura

This is a classic chutney that is more territorial to the south, particularly Andhra. This is a chutney made from spinach called Red Sorrel which has a naturally sour taste to it. It is the perfect accompaniment to dosa and rice. Buy it now using Big Basket coupons from CashKaro and save.

Chings Chutney – Schezwan

Can you imagine momos without a schezwan side? Not just for momos but this Schezwan chutney makes for a good chutney to any dish essentially. It has the perfect balance of spice to saltiness and goes well with anything. Buy this staple now with Big Basket offers.

Jais Pickle – Mixed Pickle

This versatile pickle is perfect with anything. Containing the best mixture of Mango, Lime, Garlic and Green Chilli, this pickle has something in it for everyone. Get it now with Big Basket coupon code and save massively on your order.

Mother’s Recipe Delhi Chaat Chutney

Can you imagine chaat without this masterpiece? This traditionally sweet chutney is essential to any chaat you eat. Now, amp up the flavour of homemade chaats with this deliciousness. Buy it now and save with Big Basket promo code.

Ruchi Pickle – Cut Mango

We’ve come to it. The big guy, everyone’s favourite – Cut Mango Pickle. When that sourness hits your tongue, you know you’re gonna have an amazing meal. This pickle goes along with everything and makes it 10 times better if not more. Buy your bottle and maybe another one with Big Basket coupons.

CashKaro has a lot more Big Basket offers on the website. Check it out now and save big!

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